Friday 28 February 2014

Our first paper outfits!

Am recently inspired by this mother and daughter pair, who made extremely awesome Paper dresses. You read me right, papers! A friend sent me the link, and I was so awed by it. First thought was, if paper dresses looked so good, why did I have to spend much money on the washables? And of course, after waking up from amazement, I knew that thought wasn't to be entertained further. 

Since I'm blessed with a wonderful daughter, paired with my secret desire of fashion designing, I got my hands crafty to tailor Jazz a 2 piece outfit. Having some gift tissue papers sitting in the house definitely brought words into swifter action. It took me about 15 minutes to transform idea into product, and 10 minutes to get them dressed on Jazz. I had a good laugh over my amateur outcome.  
Tube top with yarn as belt, and a red mini skirt
If you ask me how it was done, I'm sure the product explained, "anyhow!" Work with whatever resources found in the home. I must say Jazz had been such a good sport, fashion vanity must be hereditary! Oops, what did I just confess. She anticipated my product excitedly and patiently allowed me to prepare her for our project runway. As hilarious as it may look, I thought it looked quite well on her. And honestly, this is the first in her 4 years that I've dressed her so skimpily. Revealing much skin isn't a good introduction at her age, I know.

It's kinda addictive once we did our first outfit. I'm thinking about our 2nd design already! So much fun, but we knew, we couldn't wear it a second time because of my bad taping, and that we literally ripped the clothes apart when removing. Aww, much work down to trash. It seemed like I had more fun than Jazz over this project. Jare is jealous, so I'm working on a boy's idea as well.

Join me and try it too! 


  1. Yoohoo, popped by to say hi and liked your FB page too. =) I saw that paper dresses post, very inspiring and creative! You and Jazz did such a great job too, she looks gorgeous here! It will be good to do the boy's one too, I wanna see! =)


  2. Hi Summer, great to see you here. Ya, trying to work on other designs now. Haha.


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