Monday 14 December 2015

We finally got a school bag!

Going onto P1 keeps some parents scrambling on their hands and feet, especially the last minute planners. I am usually in this category, but wait, I think we're almost well prepared. We've got orientation, school books, stationery, shoes and socks checked off the list. It was only recent week that we decided to slim the options of school bags. The varying bag choices in the market got us so torn. 

I wasn't keen in any ergonomic bags for they come naturally heavy. And these kids don't spend much time having their bags on their back. Unlike my days of having to carry books and bag onto public transport with no seats. And nah, they're won't be hiking with their school bags either. So really, I had thoughts that any bag will do.

At Changi City Point

We explored around and came by Dr Kong. A pressure-free bag that is surprisingly lighter than many others in the market. There wasn't any proclamation of its weight, but I did a weigh on our scale. It was about 800g for its small size. Perfect! I thought. Our confirmation doubled up when we saw the various designed it offered. They weren't overly kiddy or mature, just nice for little school goers. Ok, it really didn't matter on my liking for it, but the carrier has to love it. I had Jazz in tow with me to pick her preferred design in store.

S,M and L sizes from top to bottom

There were some cartoon designs which I think are good for preschoolers, but there were also some in between. Neither too cute nor mature. Went through a few and felt that these were some that were aesthetically soothing to my eyes.

Style does matter, but my Motherly concern would be the bag's weight, size (not huge on her) and able to fit A4 sized files without being folded. Dr Kong's bags fitted my desires. Here's why we love its bag:

1. Dr Kong's Small sizes bag are of good fit for children below the height of 1.25m. It's highly possible that Jazz will have to change to a larger bag when she grows beyond that. Some parents may not like the idea of this investment and return, but I really love that the bags are catered and designed to achieve its maximum function. Which means it won't look oversize on petite school goers. But if your child is near 1.25cm, it might be a wiser choice to go for their M sizes (1.25cm to 1.49cm).

2. Their designs are appealing. Not that there's a huge variety to select from, but a few of them were pleasing. It's quite a toil to carry a bag the kids don't like and having to greet it every weekday morning. Even before the sun greets them. So yes, it's important to bring your child along to try on and choose.

3. It has a firm internal frame that helps spread weight evenly from shoulders to pelvis and keep books close to the back. The weight distribution is perfect for avoiding any strains or possibility of hunchbacks. 

4. Adjustable waist strap to help share the weight of the books. There's another strap for the chest, but I didn't think that would be necessary.

5. A firm base that doesn't droop the books when carried and able to stand on it's own on floor. 

6. Not overly priced. $79.90 for S sizes. Discount available for Mum's calling readers (scroll below)!

Jazz was recommended a few designs by the store's friendly staff. It wasn't too long before she got her pick. I'm glad we met eye to eye on her chosen design. And if you are concern about light coloured bags turning dirty over time, psycho your child to go for a darker colour.

She fitted on and I knew was just perfect. She wasn't looking like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, I could see her neck! The bag wasn't overly high.

And it comes in good layers of compartments. The secret and not so secret compartments. Knowing them well just so I know how to inspect her bag at times. Haha.

So yeap, it's one of the many options for your consideration, if you haven't gotten a bag. More designs have flown in on 08 December. Good to pop in now.

Mention 'Mum's calling' at any one of the stores for a 10% discount off any Dr Kong's bag. Till 04 Jan 2016.

That's now one off the P1 checklist for us!

Dr Kong main shops can be found at:
1. Changi City Point, #01-22
5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486038
(Nearest MRT station: Expo)

2. JEM, #04-02
50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608549
(Nearest MRT station: Jurong East)

3. OneKM Mall, #03-24 
11 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437157
(Nearest MRT station: Paya Lebar)

Facebook link here.

Disclaimer: A bag was given for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are solely ours.

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