Friday 15 January 2016

Birthdays get more challenging

It was the man's birthday! And as usual, lavish meals and gifts aren't our utmost love declaration. The initial school week plus lethargy got us really weak. We got down to simplicity. I was so held captive by new routine that shopping for the man's gift turned conveniently online. I got something he needs, from Aldo. Awaiting its arrival.

No matter how tough or busy the going gets, I had always wanted the kids to know that we value birthdays in the family. Cake and candles are excellent for us! The man needed to be at work, and I brought Jazz to choose a cake after school.

Just how they adore their Dad

 Jazz did a card and printed some family photos for the man (photos which she asked him to print!). Sealed them in an envelop and presented to him while he was driving her to school. How sweet that was, I thought.

She then went on to plan some challenging activities for the birthday man. First to clear was the 'laser tag', which he had to cross the hurdle without touching the yarn she had laid out. They had to duck, dance and raise their legs to get over the other side of their room. You guessed it, the kids had more fun than their Dad.

The laser tag game
Second to clear was the treasure egg hunt. Jazz hid some eggs in the house, with clue in each to the next. It did seem really easy for their Dad, he cleared it within minutes! 

 I really marvel at her ideas.

Treasure egg hunt
There was just so much fun watching them play. I did wonder whom they were trying to please in here, their Daddy or themselves?!!! Oh well, I guess all it did matter was, we enjoyed this little celebration with games. It was definitely some wonderful memory stored.  

Happy Birthday, My Husband! May your birthdays ahead be bountifully blessed by these little kids of ours. I shall take the back seat now.

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