Tuesday 15 March 2016

5 reasons why you need to catch Disney on Ice!

It's been a long time since I last stepped into the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Am most glad to be back there for the most spectacular show in town this season, Disney on Ice, Magical Ice Festival. Produced by Feld Entertainment, Disney on Ice has taken millions of people across the globe on a magical flight of fancy for more than 35 years. Be convinced of its experience and professionalism.

We were most happy to have twirled through the world of enchantment, witnessing characters and stories coming to life on ice. Our friendly hosts, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald introduced and brought us through a magical journey with Ariel and friends from Under the Sea, Rapunzel from Tangled, Belle from Beauty and the beast, and finally, the most anticipated, casts from Frozen! In this showing sequence if memory didn't fail me.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to catch it this season:

1. Can't resist let it go
Yes, we can't. We are still holding on to that great love for Frozen. I loved every single casts of the show and was most impressed that they showcased not only a big part of the story, but almost all of the well-loved Frozen songs were sang and danced to. This was also Jare's favourite part, because of his love for Olaf and Sven! A must watch for any fans out there.

It wasn't exactly a princessy affair. Jare enjoyed every part of the show.

 photo 5049b028-8297-47bd-aded-5ef66ce1540a_zpsqvpavuya.jpg
Frozen casts

2. World class stage effect
The many scenes were made enchanted with dazzling lighting, mini fireworks and snow effect. For Frozen, it really did look like Arendelle was in deep deep deep deep snow.

Impressive too, were those glowing lights on Anna and Elsa's cape. Oh! So Pretty.

 photo 75b70660-f07a-45f3-87b8-10af38302cfa_zpsirlkx9g8.jpg
I do love Rapunzel's hair too!

2. Great stage play with amazing stunts
The performers of every story scene were incredibly talented! Lavish costumes, props, songs and expressions were well displayed that it brought so much fun and joy to the audience. The scenes set up were impressively authentic to the stories and children were thrilled that they sang and danced along with familiar songs. So popcorn and cotton candy might help keep excited kids on seat. But of course, dance like there's no tomorrow! 

Jazz said her favourite part was Tangled. She confessed her envy for Rapunzel's long luxurious hair. And actually, I love that style of hair too!

It's more than just musical stories, but the art, choreography and appreciation of ice skating. Graceful art indeed!

3. Disney doesn't visit Singapore often
It's one pity that we don't have a Disney theme park in Singapore. Opportunities like these are as close as we can catch without taking flight. So, don't let it go!

4. It's the March holidays
This show is definitely one great treat for the little and big fans out there to let their hair down and relax after a term of hard work in school! There's just so much fun and memories out of it. Parents, this will be one rejuvenating break for you too.

5. Affordable pricing tickets
Looking at CAT 1 ($65) and CAT 2 ($45), view seems comfortable. But if budget is a concern, leave the Daddy out for his coffee break while Mother and child can go for their royal party. And of course, if budget allows some stretch, go for the better seats in front!

Shows and tickets are still on sale till 20 March. Online purchase here.

 photo 7b54e35d-1577-43a4-b99f-d2d2e89f62a5_zpslmagzks7.jpg
Spot the melting Olaf!

There's a child-likeness in me. I enjoyed it as much as the kids did. There wasn't a single moment of disappointment or any room for boredom. Spectacular indeed!

Here are some tips we thought might be helpful in catching the show: 
  1. Set expectations for the kids. Let them know who is and who is not appearing. In case you have a faithful snow white fan who might be whining all the way home.
  2. If weather is wet, it may be more convenient to park your car at Kallang Wave Mall. Walk is all sheltered to the stadium.
  3. For fast access, try to carry small or no bags. Security clearance is needed. 
  4. It can be rather crowded before and after show. Keep an eye on your kids.
  5. Arrive early if you need to get souvenirs or snacks for the show.
  6. Booster seats are available. Be early before they run out.
  7. Show starts very punctual. Be on time.
  8. Taking pictures and videos are great keepsake, but don't get too busy that you forget to enjoy the show.
  9. The show is about 2 hours plus a 15 minutes intermission.
  10. Bring related props, accessories, wear costumes, be part of the show and enjoy!

We are really thankful and happy to be part of this royal party. It was a nice welcome to the school holiday.

Disclaimer: We were given tickets for the purpose of this review. All opinions and photos are solely ours. 

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