Wednesday 13 July 2016

Baby K'tan carrier

If you are a fan of baby wrapping or sling, you should not miss the opportunity of exploring the Baby k'tan baby carrier. It's a wrap without all the wrapping!

I am one Mama who dreads exploring or using complicated products. Though I was a little apprehensive to try the baby k'tan carrier, I'm glad to have hopped on the wagon. It wasn't as messy as I thought. There's no magic to using it, but it does take some getting used to it, if you are totally new to wrap. It helps when you go through the motion in advance before getting a well-fed and happy baby in for practice. After which, it's all easy with the subsequent use.

Happy Coast Kids sent us the Baby K'tan Print, which is made of 100% natural cotton partnered with beautiful vibrant prints, Dandelion. Though material with the active and breeze range may be more appropriate for our outdoor weather, I didn't find this overly warm. 

It's amazing how I'm starting to fall in love with wrapping again!

I love such koala hug with the baby and it is looking as natural as it can be! Here are the good features we love about this carrier:

1. Multiple ways 
There are 6 ergonomic positions to wear the carrier. The Kangaroo, hug, explore adventure, hip and two-hip positions. Juboy is nearing 3 months, and so, we have only explored the kangaroo and hug positions. More frequently with the hug position. These multiple positions are good from newborn to toddler, up to 15kg. So if your baby doesn't like one position, it's versatile enough to try the other positions.

Photo credit: Happy coast kids

2. Evenly distributes weight
Love it that it doesn't over work my shoulders and back. Double-loop design and adjustable back support band distributes the baby's weight across the shoulders and back, providing support for the shoulders and back. The fabric of each loop can be spread over the shoulders to further distribute the baby's weight.

3. Easy to use 
It really is almost as easy as slipping on a shirt or wearing a necklace. There's no wrapping or any complicated instructions. The 3 simple getting started steps are:
i) place carrier over head
ii) Separate the 2 loops
iii) place one arm through each
After which you may continue with the various positions, except for the hip positions. 

Photo credit: Happy coast kids

This video demonstrates the Hug position

4. Safe and comfortable material
The carrier is made of breathable 100% natural cotton fabric, which is strong, durable and comfortable to touch. It's free from harmful chemicals, formaldehydes, and azo dyes, which makes it assuring to use in contact with our baby's skin. This unique one-way stretch and soft fabric gives both the baby and me a wonderful cozy hold. 

5. No hardware
There is no hard snap or buckles on it, hence there's no worry of baby's face or skin pressing against any hard parts.

6. Easy wash
It is machine washable and dryer safe. Thinking of all the puking and salivating, it's probably the best deal.

7. Easy Storage
It is easy to store without any unflattening bulky fabric and is easy to bring along everywhere. The carrier comes with a sash which converts to a handy storage tote and it all fit easily into my diaper bag. It was voted the most space saving carrier in 2016!

8. Sizes
The carrier comes in various sizes to customize to the wearer - XS, S, M and L. The downside of it is that, it may not be used interchangeably with the man since we are of different frames. But I'm happy to carry this close bond with Juboy.

Photo credit: Happy coast kids

If you are in between sizes, go for the smaller of the two. I am using XS, and it fits perfect. It might shrink after a few washes but it's still of good fit.

Safety checklist
For getting a carrier in a fix individual size, it helps assure that it is correctly adjusted to the right length and distance. Taking into account the importance of ensuring that baby's face is always visible and kissable at the head. 

Baby should be high on wearer's body for a clear source of air, and should be supported if unable to control his head yet.

Overall,  the carrier is cleverly designed with an easy learning curve. I had a ring sling during Jazz's time, and I've to admit it gave me a hard time figuring out its usage by dealing with those excess cloth and positioning. Once figured out, I realised it concentrated the baby's weight load on one shoulder, which gave me a bad shoulder ache. 

The Baby K'tan carrier has bagged many awards and won the hearts of many Mummies. It awed me with how easy and comfortably Juboy can sit and sleep in it. He does get some quality naps in there. It feels really close and well snugged for the both of us and you won't believe that I use it in the home during his cranky moments too. Just so I can free up my hands to blog. Ha!

Also, there isn't any thick waist belt, so sitting down to eat or work with the baby in, is a huge bonus. It really is an innovative blend of a sling, wrap and carrier all in one. Baby wrapping just got so much easier!

Baby K'tan carrier's price ranges from $89.90 to $99.80.

Happy coast kids is the sole distributor of Baby K'tan. Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: We were given a Baby K'tan carrier for the purpose of this review. All opinions and photos, unless otherwise credited are Solely ours. 

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