Friday 1 July 2016

Baby K'tan Diaper bag

I am generally a bag lover. But my collection got lesser and limited after becoming a Mum, and now a stay home Mum, I don't even need work bags. I match my outfits mostly with diaper bags! Yes, that's how a baby changes the fashion sense in me. 

I am happy to get hold of and review the Baby K'tan (pronounced ker-tahn) SmartGear diaper bag. And I think it's making me chic for its well-thought design and functionality.

Here are the many reasons why this is one smart diaper bag: 

1. storage compartments
It has 12 storage compartments. Yes, we are talking about a diaper bag. Compartmentalizing is highly essential. Being well organize on the go helps me feel confident in bringing the baby out. This is one important feature in any diaper bag. It throws out any fanatic rummaging through the bag for items.

2. Built in wetbag
This compartment is where I hold the items that are likely to wet or stain the bag. And if that happens, we know bacteria is likely to breed in any ordinary bags. The bag comes smartly with a built in antibacterial nylon lining wetbag which helps to stay germs and fungus free. It's water resistant, odour proof and FDA food safe. I would toss any soiled or dirty clothes in there too. It's now safe to say, "I forgot to bring a plastic bag!"

3. Pockets
The main compartment and built in wetbag is zipped, other than that, the pockets in and out are not zipped. The big pocket out is with a magnetic clip. These make it really convenient to retrieve my stuffs without handling a zip, which often requires both hands free. The two inner pockets are  also of antibacterial, FDA food safe nylon, water resistant, odour and germ resistant lining. My fruits will get their space in there.

4. Safe Material
100% cotton exterior. BPA-Free, PVC-Free, polyurethane  laminate waterproof interior nylon lining. Being 100% cotton as a bag does remind me to be extra careful about staining or wetting it, especially when I've chosen the Dandelion design which is mostly white. Being cotton also means we can work the bag to its maximum stretch. 

5. Machine washable
And, Yay! We can machine wash cold. Great for lazy mamas like me. I will use it on an extra gentle mode and line dry.

6. Shoulder strap
The shoulder strap is soft and lightly padded to make carrying comfortable. It's very well thought for the carrier. It can be a tad slippery though.

7. Adjustable Straps
The adjustable shoulder strap gives me the added choice of slinging over my shoulder or across my body. 

8. Stroller straps
There are stroller bar straps that allows you to hang it on the stroller bar. Though the construction of the bag is light, do be careful of tipping the stroller, especially if the bag heavy. 

9. Lightweight
It's conveniently light and will definitely be a great travel companion. After having it pumped up with diapers, clothing and many other essentials, it didn't feel overly heavy.

10. Lovely designs
It comes in 3 colours. Grey Chervrons, Black and Dandeloin, which is the one I'm carrying. Casual and stylish I've to say.   

It really has got it all covered as a diaper bag, a perfect germ resistant diaper bag for Mum's daily needs. It's gonna last me a long way with it, when I've more things to bring on the go with Juboy. The day he starts teething, weaning and potty training. And I really need not worry about space. The diaper bag is of a good size for every growing stage. 

A stylish, simple and smart solution to be on the go! 

Baby K'tan SmartGear diaper bag is available online at Happy coast kids, the sole distributor for K'tan. Priced at $99.80, I think it's good worth for its features and functions. 

Physical store to check out the diaper bag:
Parentcraft at Thomson Medical Centre 

Other online stores
The Birth shop 

Stay tune too, for our upcoming review on the K'tan carrier. 

Disclaimer: We were given this stylish diaper bag for review. All opinions and photos are solely ours. 


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