Tuesday 25 July 2017

Red Riding Hood [Review]

After successfully staging it in English, SRT’s The Little Company now presents Red Riding Hood in Mandarin. Red Riding Hood is an uplifting story about a brave girl named Red.

It is an adapted story out of the traditional with clever twists and surprises. The scene began with a lively and happy family until Red's Dad went mysteriously missing one day. With much search, wait and anticipation, there was simply no news or sight of her Dad. Without the master baker, her Dad, the family's bakery shop was at stake of closing down. Red must journey through the forest to reunite her family and save Mother's bakery from closing down.

The adventure was one that kept us, audience on the edge of our seats. There were various close to danger encounters Red had with the charming Big Bad Wolf, which also taught us not to trust a person by his looks. Then there was the appearance of a very forgetful woodcutter and a misty fruit tree that was so inviting, but comes with a cost for eating it. Within reveals yet another interesting story of the wolf, which later becomes wolves. Mysterious eh. 

The unexpected and leading story plot is one that is hard to guess and keeps the audience in suspension of its ending. It is however, like any fairy tale, a happy ending. Yay! Not bursting the bubble with too much details.

The scene between Red and woodcutter was filled with more songs and dialogues, which may be a little slow moving for younger kids, but it was also filled with extreme humour that sent the kids to stitches. Always a wonderful thing to know the kids understand and are following through.

Red Riding Hood in Mandarin is one play that kids should not miss. How will the journey be hindered or deterred by the Big Bad Wolf? Will Red reach Grandma's house in time? Or will the charming Big Bad Wolf distract her from her quest? It is one that invites you to join Red on her adventure into the woods, where no one is what they seem!

SRT's plays are always filled with quality props, scenes, scripts, casts, original songs, singing and even their renovated lobby is so great looking! We especially love Chinese plays by them as it is not often that we come by quality Chinese plays. A perfect exposure for kids in our culture of English speaking society.

Excellent play! Only looking forward to more 成语 used in future Chinese plays.

This play is about 60 minutes and perfect for children 5 year old and above. Get your tickets today!

Disclaimer: Tickets were given for the purpose of this review 

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