Monday 7 August 2017

Tampines Regional Library Re-opens!

Tampines Regional Library at Our Tampines Hub re-opens on 5 August with a refreshed new look and features. It is the first library to be relocated to commercial space. With this move, there is an increase of 76% floor area and 98% increase in seating capacity across 5 levels, providing more space for patrons to read and learn. 

We hopped on an exclusive library tour, through the different sections of the library that spans a total of 5 floors. The newly revamped library is impressive, smart and integrates very well with our developed nation of today. It's another local pride! Gone are the days of our old library scene that we  grew up with, the refreshed libraries are bigger, better and more interactive. What's even better is that, there's an increase of 25% in book collection! 

Let's get on a photo tour. 

There are 2 entrances to the library on level 2. This entrance is known as Ave 4, the other is Ave 5, if I recall correctly. If you are driving and wish to park near the library, considering we often check out with tons of books, you may enter through Car Park entrance C and park near lots V24. 

Ave 4 library entrance at level 2

Book drop outside Ave 4 entrance

We brought our books along for return and the bookdrop area is just outside of the library entrance (Ave 4). It may be more ideal if there's shade and step ups for little ones at the bookdrop area. I mean the area is sheltered, just that the angle of the sun at that time was piercing in. Okay, because we were returning 72 books.

Upon entering, we were much attracted and welcomed by these little structures which residents of the hood will find them familiar. They are the icons that made up Tampines.

There's a moving train chugging on it

The new Tampines Regional library is a modern interpretation of the kampong, keeping with residents' desire to retain the kampong spirit of the estate as expressed during the earlier days. It was designed with the Tampines community in mind. It gathered feedback from regular library patrons to craft cutomised spaces for all age groups including lounges for quiet reading, as well as selecting of furniture in the various sections. Absolutely thoughtful! 

Level 2
There is a gallery developed by the National Heritage Board (NHB) that showcases the evolution of Tampines from its rural beginnings in the early 1800s to the town it is today. 

NHB and NLB work closely on the integrated programmes within the gallery and library. Look out for monthly storytelling sessions by librarians on children books themed on Singapore's heritage and culture. It is a space targeted at families with young children.

For the first time, NLB will be integrating its cookery collection with People Association's Culinary Studio within the library! In addition to cooking classes, NLB will be supplementing the space with a digital display of recommended read and videos to facilitate learning.

Cookery books just outside culinary studio

Culinary studios

List of Tampines Regional Library Event here.

As we toured into the magazines section, we spotted a lovely equipment that promotes and encourages non-sedentary reading. Yeap, there's only one. Next to it, a comfy chair that allows one to read and enjoy the therapeutic view of a green soccer field. Nature green is good for our eyes!

Non-sedentary reading

Lovely view!

Level 3
This Early literacy floor is designed for parents and children. It has demarcated reading areas for children up to to 6 years old. Something interesting and inviting about this area is that all picture books are shelved in a front-facing manner, to enable children to browse the books by covers instead of book spines. After all, toddlers are attracted by visual appeals!

Spot too, the Peranakan tiles that weave into the kampong theme design. 

Lovely tiles

Front facing books

Personal reading space

There is currently a void space that will be transformed into an indoor playground at a later quarter. It's in the pipeline that entrance will only be admitted with a fee.

Chou Sing Chu Foundation has also donated 32,000 copies to the children's Chinese collection across two floors. They will also be holding regular Chinese storytelling sessions at the Early Literacy Library. 

Chinese Storytelling is held every first and third Saturday of the month, at 11.30am to 12pm.

Level 4
The Children and Teens space! The teen space aims to provide teens with a place to facilitate online and offline discussions. 2 screens are installed to kick-start social media conversations on current trends and issues.

2 screens to kick start conversations

Love this chair found here

Readily available stool to reach for higher leveled books

The Children section very much wow-ed my kids with their mint and newly added books! If your kids are into a series of reading like Geronimo, Weird school, Beast Quest and other popular series, the regional library is where you can hunt for them, in the complete range! As long as they are not on loan. And even if they are returned at other libraries, it will always be sent back to its original home.  

Geronimo found! 
For the book series lovers

Too many choices, too little loan quota

This was the stash Js swept off the shelves - My Weird school, My Weirdest school and Weird school daze series. Almost in complete volumes! I bet they had their hands first on these book, other than the librarian who shelved them. It's always nice to be reading books in excellent condition. So be kind and loving to library books!

Wonderful to be reading new books

On the same level, there is a smart space of collaboration between NLB and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) - Pixel labs. It offers dedicated space with tools and equipment like the 3D printer, Arduino kits and green screen where photos can be edited into nice scene of the library. Programmes arranged by NLB and IMDA cover both tech and non-tech areas. They include hands-on workshops for students and families, programmes from the young to old. Programmes are free! 

A go with the virtual reality

You may refer to the programmes booking guide here

Level 5 
A study lounge can be found at this level. It is a designated space for quiet reading and features tables and chairs that provide a more private space for intense reading. Look how well lit the place is, with a table lamp for every individual.

Study Lounge

This is also the level where we can find our Singapore collection of books, by local authors. Glad we have a corner to showcase and be called our own! 

Singapore Collection

Level 6
This level is fully run by volunteers and aims to encourage users to self-facilitate while using library services. Besides large print books, this space also features Multimedia stations where users can browse digital and print newspapers, eMagazines and other NLB eResources. 

Cosy reading
Terrace seats serve as a programme space too

And we ended our tour on the final level, level 6. As a relatively new Mum, I need to highlight that there are 2 nursing rooms within the library. It's always a win to keep young Mothers in mind.

We very much enjoyed our library tour and are very glad to have Regional libraries like such within neighbourhoods. There are currently 3 regional libraries - Jurong, Woodlands and Tampines. These are where the most resources and titles are housed. 

We have also recently made life a little easier by downloading the NLB Mobile App. It allows us to read on the go, borrow, renew, reserve, as well as pay fines through it. Which means, I have 5 cards less to bring out! Borrowing just got more convenient.

You do need to download the app, if you've not.

Aren't we blessed to have resourceful libraries with a good range of titles and facilities?! Heartfelt gratitude.

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