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Ergonomic Kids Table [With Discount Code]

Ergonomics in simple term is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment. In terms of products, it is the process of designing or arranging workplaces so that they fit the people who use them. In terms of kids and ergonomics, I believe sitting with a good posture increases stability and provides a sturdy foundation for written output and can increase attention and focus.

A simple guide to a child’s posture at their table or desk should follow the “90-90-90 angle rule”
  • Their feet should rest flat with a 90 degree angle at their ankles
  • Their knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle and about 1-2 inches away from the seat of the chair
  • Their hips should be at the back of their chair and positioned at a 90 degree angle

It's been our longest thought ever to get the kids some proper tables for writing. Not that they haven't got one, but theirs have been long outgrown. Jazz is 8 and Jare is 6, it's high time we proceed from their preschooler IKEA tables to ergonomic tables and chairs. 

A search around we were appalled at the prices ergonomic tables are. And that we have 2 school going children, we needed 2 sets that work within our budget. We thought this hunt from take A seat is quite a gem, which most importantly, the kids love it!

Sitting side by side tables

We set our eyes on the E1200 Kids Ergonomic Study Table Set. It measures 120cm by 75cm with an adjustable height of 56cm to 76cm from the floor to the desk surface. If you do some visualisation, this is one that will go a long way in the kids' years of studying. It is one suitable for ages 3 to 18.

Features we love
1. Adjustable height
The only consideration most parents are willing to spend much on ergonomic furniture is that they last a long way for growing children. To adjust the height of the table, it can be easily adjusted by turning the side lever clockwise or anti-clockwise. This German design cranking system for height is an easy and effortless adjustment, where even the kids can handle it. It won't be one that will be frequently adjusted though, unless they are working on a project that requires their standing posture. 

On the leg of the table, there is a recommended height and level chart to adjust the table according to your child's height.

Height adjustment chart

2. Incline table surface
We love how clever the table is designed to only incline one bigger part of the table. Which means not all books sitting on the table will slide down, they can be easily carried over to the left to sit on the fixed level, while inclining only the right.

Only one side inclined

The inclining of the table is of certified hydraulic gas lift. The inclining and declining is one that can be easily handled by the kids too. I had a tad concern that they may get their fingers caught from the inclining and reclining of table, but weeks into it, everything is good. They know the drill and is always on a look out for their little brother.

Hydraulic lever for lifting

3. Shelves
I did have a slight concern when the kids wanted to put toys and display items on the shelves, but I managed to convince them on putting only frequently used items and books on the shelves. The last I will like to see is the shelves being cluttered or accumulated with dust with untouched items. With shelving provided there really isn't much consideration about getting any storage boxes for that part of the table. 

4. Drawer
There is one drawer space to keep their stuff or any unsightly things that don't go well on the table. It's a pity that there isn't a compartmentalise drawer to organise stationery, but that can be easily contended with a pencil cup holder.

Treasure chest we say!

5. Bag holder
Do you often nag the kids on keeping their bags away? I do! The table comes with a metal bag hook that allows them to hang their school bag by its side. It holds and tucks the bag neatly under the table. Space saving I thought! We had our tables placed side by side, and it didn't hinder too much when the kids tried to hang up their bags. It may be a little tight though if they want to rummage through their bag while hooked up.

Dr Kong bag on hook

6. Book holder
The kids insist on that being a gadget holder, but I like to say it's a book holder because they don't have any gadgets to own. So yeap, it's good for putting books and especially good to open hold a book while they are copy referencing. Brilliant idea! Don't have to fumble with holding a book page down and copying.

The book holder may be stowed away neatly if not in use.

Good for copy referencing

7. Round table edges
I have a roaming 1 year old, so having a table with rubberised edges is highly critical, considering his eye and head level is also about the height of the table. Safety!

8. Without wheels
A table without wheels is highly sturdy and stable, there's no rocking movements during writing. Though I did wonder about relocation, I had rather not compromise on stability. The table does weigh quite abit, so it's best to have a firmed place of where you had like to put it before setting it up. 

9. Magnetic board
We love this board that allows the kids to hold magnets and clip little notes, reminders or photos. Which can be aesthetically refreshing to those eyes.

Magnetic board

10. Easy clean
The table is made of non-reflective laminate wood and is easy to clean and wipe if there's any water spill.

This model comes only in blue and pink. I think having a neutral colour like grey or brown may be a good idea too. To better match more theme rooms. If space is a constraint, you may consider the other model, E950 which measures smaller in length and width.

Ergonomic Study Chair
The Ergo Prime Kids Ergonomic Study Chair comes in both pink and blue. We got blue for Jare. It measures 43cm by 42cm with an adjustable height from 31cm to 56cm. The seat depth and back rest of the study chair can also be adjusted to suit the child's individual needs. The height and depth adjustment is one that may require the assistant of a grown up.

Firm and Sturdy

Seat and back rest adjustment

This height gauge feature allows us to adjust the chair to Jare's height without guessing with trial and errors. 

Suggested adjustment according to height

It also has a gravity braking system where it automatically locks the chair wheels when a child sits on it, preventing them from moving around or sliding unnecessarily away from the table. This is another one feature that is highly considerate for our roaming one year old. I've gotten my feet and kids' feet rolled on countless times by my roller swivel chair. It's ouch!

We got the Ergo Mind Kids Ergonomic Study Chair for Jazz, which is also comparatively good. They are however phasing this out and is only left with pink at the moment.

Here's a video we have put together with Jazz's help. It is a good summary of the features of the table. Music please...

I was honestly more comforted and convinced when the pieces came with warranty. It is 3 years for the table and 1 year for the chair. It covers the malfunction of the tables and chairs, without including wear and tear. 

It sounds like an assured buy now, isn't it?!! Prices are already inclusive of set up and delivery. What you see is what you get and pay.

The E1200 Kids Ergonomic Study Table Set is priced at $600 and the chair is available for top up at an additional $149. You may head down to their showroom to view the furniture pieces and other designs. Their salesman do not over flatter their products, what you need to know or want to know will be responsibly make known. So yeap, the sets are manufactured in their China factory. Nonetheless, they look and feel really strong and durable. Otherwise I wouldn't be collaborating with them. 

We are much happy and satisfied with the tables and chairs. Most comfortingly, we know we have provided the kids a suitable writing and reading space that is readily available in the home. I grew up writing and working everywhere else other than a proper table and chair to be called my own. It feels really accomplished, as parents to provide the kids a good and proper space for work. With ergonomic furniture being a bonus.

Showroom Address:
No.27 Mandai Estate
(Tower 2)
Innovation Place #06-07
Showroom hours:
9.30am to 1pm and 2 pm to 5.30pm on weekdays
9.30am to 12.30pm on Saturdays

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Discount Code
Primary school registration has just ended. We know sourcing for a writing table and chair is next in mind, a discount code may help ease your decision a little. We have got a 5% discount code for all kids ergonomic tables and chairs purchased online from take A seat. Shop and check out with code 'mumscalling17'. We hope this made the deal sweeter. Discount is valid from now till 10 October 17.

Disclaimer: We were sponsored a set of table for chair for the purpose of this review. We bought another discounted set additionally on our own expense. All photos and opinions are solely ours.

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