Thursday 1 February 2018

Sensory playtime at Busy Tables [GIVEAWAY]

Juboy is in the age of enjoying sensory play very much. When the invitation to play with Busy Tables came, we knew we had to hop on. We embarked on a 5 sensory thematic play sessions where experiential play experiences for children between 1-6 years old were delivered. Busy Tables adopts a holistic experiential learning approach which enables young learners to learn through the reflection of what they have experienced or done. It allows them to maximise their learning opportunities through teacher-led facilitation

Their programmes conducted by experienced early childhood educators are delivered through facilitated learning sessions, where learner's experience is the focus. Little learners are constantly questioned and encouraged in the learning process. We know kids at such tender ages learn more effectively from facilitation, not instruction. 

For having our sessions in the first morning slot, we were always welcomed by a neat and cosy layout of meaningful play resources. And that's where Juboy roams and play for a while before the session begins. He loves every moment of it!

During the times we visited, though not consecutive weeks, the sessions were different and never once repeated. Which brings to the point that sensory play is an unlimited multitude of ideas. Their package sessions works with your flexibility, just be sure to use them up within 6 months. I know, sensory play is one that can be done, anytime and anywhere, even in homes. And yes, we do sensory play at home too!

However, coming together in groups to play and being guided purposefully may have a different impact on the toddler's learning. At least for Juboy, who has yet to start school, it is a place that he knows Mummy doesn't do the facilitation, but someone else. He learns to play in small groups and did attempt to sit for concentration. And most essentially, it explores the sensory play that I would usually put on my procrastination list. Getting messy is often the easy excuse to shelf my plans aside.

The sensory thematic playgroup group sessions we embarked on, wasn't a very large group. There was enough room and play for each learner and their accompanying adult. We know how ineffective learning can be when there's overcrowding. Small and contained session like this definitely makes learning conducive. 

Each play session led by teacher Ainul was awesomely good! She is positive, encouraging and really good with the little learners. She praises efforts and ensures that every curious mind has room for exploration. The facilitators were never mindful about mess or dirtiness, though it really did seem uncomfortable to parents. Parents were busily trying to contain and scoop up the mess, but it really was alright to keep clam and move on! That's what sensory play is all about.

So yes, dress your little one in rugs, or if not, aprons are available for put on. Get really prepared for mess! Each session which lasts about an hour consists of three different activities, mostly revolving around the same theme. Two of which are dry activities and a final one that invites little hands to get wet and messy with shaving cream, slime, noodles etc.

All in all, it was a time and place with positive vibes for play! Learners really enjoyed it there. 

We also love that after every session, we were welcomed to stay on for play instead of having to pack and rush off. And so we usually tarry a little longer for play before heading off. There are a huge bunch of learning resources and sensory kits set up for learners to free play before and after each session.

It was almost inevitable that my little learner got comfortable with mess by having flour all over his face and hair! Thankfully, though there isn't a toilet within Busy Tables, they have got a huge water tumbler brought in for hands washing.

The concept of such invitation to play helps little learners learn and explore in a manner that they want to, and not because they have to. Such is definitely the right motivation to kick off the right learning style, where curiosity is encouraged and rewarded with fun and learning opportunities!

It was a great time of bonding session for us, Mother and son too! Look out too for their monthly sensory carnival which will be loads of fun.
Rochester Mall
35 Rochester Drive
Singapore 138639
+65 84200200

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Parents with children between 1 to 6 years old, we have a 3 session play at Busy Tables to giveaway to ONE winner. I assure you, it's great fun for any curious child. To participate, Simply complete the following steps:

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