Tuesday 6 March 2018

Sensory Play Ideas - Week 2

Here's another week of sensory home play I crafted out with Juboy. I know, it's been some time. I really am trying to be more diligent with 'schooling' him at home.

1. Magnetic FUN
I had a half pack of expired wheat germ which instead of ditching, I came up with an idea of getting some play out of it. Poured the wheat germ into a box, hid some paper clips and key rings within, and topped off with some pom poms and confetti. Gave the boy a magnet to fish out the clips and rings within. 

He was really amused with what his magnet attracted!


2. Fish Counting
Laminated 5 coloured and numbered fish, and filled a ziplock with blue coloured water. We counted the fishes as we set them into the water for swim. Laminated pieces allowed me to count and re-count.

3. Counting toppings
Poms poms are really some useful tools when it comes to learning. I bought sticky ice cream notes from Diaso and stuck them on paper with numbers written on the cones. We distributed the poms poms, like toppings for the ice cream, according to the number on the cone. We worked within 5.

4. Iceberg Rescue
We gathered some of their very small toys and froze them up in a container. Coloured the water blue for an iceberg effect. Once the iceberg is ready, I provided tools for the rescue work. Tools like sponge, salt, warm water and spoon. For older kids, they can discover the science on how salt and warm water speed up their rescue work.

Some toys were harmed in the process, so choose toys wisely. Yes, his older siblings love this too! 

5.  Story Comes Alive
Juboy's current favourite is Brown Bear Brown Bear by Eric Carle. Popular books have a wide spread of online materials for print. Here's what I found and printed on his favourite title. We reinforced colours and animals trough this little work, even if it means horse being blue and cat being purple. Though he isn't much into colouring, there was much we achieved out of it.

It takes so much discipline and ideas to keep this little boy meaningfully occupied. Well, I am not complaining, it isn't too long before he outgrows these ideas.

Milestone: 22 Months

Week 1: Sensory Play Ideas

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