Tuesday 30 October 2018

Cafes made totally for Kids in Bangkok

With the holiday season being right around the corner, it is the perfect time to explore the great beyond with your family. If you are looking for the perfect destination to bring your family, then you should totally visit Bangkok, Thailand. This land of delicious tom-yams, papaya salads and best massages has everything you need to keep your whole family occupied, even your young kids. We know how fussy some kids can be when it comes to foreign food, but here we have compiled a list of cafes in Bangkok that your kids will surely love to visit.

No kids or even adults can ever say no to the charms of a sweet, cuddly, soft teddy bear. At the Teddy Castle Café in Bangkok, your kids will be welcomed into a beautifully decorated castle filled to the brim with fluffy teddies. Not only is the castle totally Instagram worthy, the food here takes your taste buds to a whole new level. While you wander away in this beautifully crafted teddy castle, do not forget to try bestselling Strawberry and Seaweed Salad. Your kid will surely be asking for more.

Photo credit: Teddy Castle

The best thing about this café – there is a pool for the water babies which is already a plus point for most parents. Not only that, even for the fussiest eater in your family, this café is just perfect because here, you can design your very own meal. Add as much cheese or bacon to your eggs or have them in any other way exactly to your liking. Aside from the pool, there is also a kid’s playroom for all those kids without a change of clothes for the pool. How perfect is that?

Photo credit: Melange

This café will surely have your little ones and even you falling in love with man's best friend, the cutest dogs of all shapes and sizes. From big, fluffy breeds like Alaskan Malamutes to adorable and cuddly Chow Chows and even the friendliest English Sheepdogs, this cafe is the epitome of happiness at its best. While these soft giants might be the highlights of this café, they do serve pretty tasty pasta too. Do try their seafood Aglio Olio which is one of their best-selling menu.

Photo credit: Big Dog Cafe

Are your kids fans of the Harry Potter franchise or any magical world? Then you should totally bring them here, a magical Harry Potter-esque café. Mocking Tales encourages you to never let the magic in you die out. Entering this café, you fight evil mean dragons with your child while eating the best, delicious desserts they have to offer. The desserts they serve are a treat to behold. Not only do they glow, some even catch fire. Woah.. Your kid will never want to leave this place.

Photo credit: Mocking Tales

We have not been to any these cafes, but am locking them here for our next visit to Bangkok! With these cafes that will surely pique our kid’s interest and uninhibit their big imaginations, why not make a trip to Bangkok that will surely be filled with sweet memories? The best thing about this travel – it does not even have to be expensive. You can find cheap tickets on Traveloka, the best online travel platforms for flights from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok or even from Singapore itself. Do check out yourself before it's too late.

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