Monday 29 October 2018

Why you need to catch The Great Moscow Circus

We spent a thrilling night with the Moscow Circus beside Marina Bay Sands, where a traditional European atmosphere was intimately created. The circus brought in more than 100 tonnes of equipment and featured more than 16 sensational acts, blending traditional circus acts with the new. It mixes clowns and acrobatic artists with daredevil motorcyclists, death-defying aerial stunts, jugglers and illusion and much more! All supported by a live circus band. Yes, live band marks up a totally different atmosphere. 

Intentionally in red

Watching performances under this red and white circus tent, I had a sudden flashback to the movie, The Greatest Showman. The movie that left my kids longing to see a circus in person. And we are so Thankful to be able to catch one here, in Singapore! I hope this circus memory will live in them forever. 

The Big Top Tent

The circus was filled with so much fun and entertainment that swung our mood from the hearty hilarious moments to thrilling death-defying moments. It was crazy how some acts were even possible! And how they have to be put together so flawlessly perfect throughout the many shows ahead, till 23 November. It was insane and jaw dropping to watch them perform without any safety net or harness on them. Imagine the amount of toil, perspiration and hard work sowed into their training to get every act perfect. It is no wonder when we say that the circus is the most sincere form of performance.  

Photo credit: Sliding doors entertainment

Photo credit: Sliding doors entertainment

Other than good hearted fun from the ringmaster and clowns, my favourite 2 acts were the double wheel giant and quick change transformationists. Double wheel giant was where four fearless acrobats, The Douglas Boys risk their all to spin stunts on really high, 4 moving wheels.

The quick change transformationists couple all the way from Havana, Cuba were light hearted and fun to watch. It was an amazing act where the couple changed beautiful costumes one after another, within seconds! Magic, illusion or tricks? We were amazed at their possibilities. 

Ringmaster and clown

Photo credit: Sliding doors entertainment

Photo credit: Sliding doors entertainment

And nope, no animals in this circus because animals belong to the zoo. Not circus. 

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to catch the show!

1. World's Finest Circus
Russia has been known for decades as the capital of circus arts. For more than 100 years, Russian circus talents have been thrilling audiences across the globe with spectacular performances that are full of power, artistry and world-class athletic skills. We know our money will be made worth!

2. World Class Talents
The Moscow Circus does not only showcase their homegrown talents, but also international talents from Belgium, Germany, Argentina, Switzerland, Cuba, Ukarine, Canda, Colombia, the USA and Mexico! It is a company of superstars, carefully selected over the last 12 months to bring on this world premiere program. 

Their talents and skills are out of this world!

3. Circus in Singapore
The last heard of The Great Moscow Circus was 10 years ago. We do not know when is the next come back, it is better to hit than to miss. With nearly 45 circus superstars who are highly sought after around the world, it is not an easy achievement getting all to come together for a mega 2 hours show!  

4. Great Family Entertainment
Actions speak louder than words. This is a circus full of acts, and few on words. It is one that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, from the young to old. Regardless of any language preference. I was initially hesitating to bring Juboy, who is only 2 years old. I was not sure how still he could stay throughout the 2 hours show, but I am glad I eventually did! He sat through and enjoyed the show tremendously. After each clown act, he pointed out that the clowned cleaned up his props for the next segment of show. He had better be mimicking the same for his toys.

And kids below 3 enters FREE!

5. Affordable
It was most wonderful that the tickets are made affordable for families. Unlike shows meant for couples, you only need 2 tickets. This is one show you need to bring the whole village of family! And life is made a little easier with children (3 to 12 years old) and senior citizens (above 60 years old) prices available. Go for low budget seats if your wallet prompts you to. No audience will be more than 11 metres from the action! So even the final row of seats are of great view.

Do not miss this discount - 25% off A, B and C Reserve tickets, for all shows on Wednesday 31st October and Saturday 3rd November, 12pm. Get them fast!

Some highlights of the circus in this video:

I am sure this is one circus that will stay in our memory for a mighty long while, till the next. The kids and I really enjoyed ourselves. An eye opener from the usual shows, musicals and performances. This is extraordinary! 

The Great Moscow Circus is affordable, a great family entertainment of thrills and fun of the circus of yesteryear with all the skill and daring of today's heroes.

Get tickets from sistic.

Event Date
25 Oct - 23 Nov 2018 Tue - Fri: 7.30pm
Sat: 12pm, 4pm and 7.30pm
Sun: 11am, 3pm and 6.30pm
Public Holiday: 12pm and 4pm


The BIG TOP TENT is fully airconditioned and seats are elevated, and tiered, for patron comfort.

Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
Standard : S$155, S$145, S$135, S$115, S$95, S$85, S$65
Child [3 to 12 years old]* : S$135, S$125, S$105, S$85, S$75, S$55
Senior Citizen [60 years and above]: S$135, S$125, S$105, S$85, S$75, S$55
Restricted View : S$85, S$65
Restricted View (Child) [3 to 12 years old]* : S$75, S$55
Restricted View (Senior Citizen) [60 years and above] : S$75, S$55

*We were given tickets for the purpose of this review. All photos (unless otherwise credited) and opinions are solely ours. 

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