Tuesday 2 April 2019

It is our 10th Blog Annivesary!

Blogging has been a very exciting journey for me. Together with my firstborn's age, Mum's calling turns 10. It's our 10th blog anniversary! 

Writing is not my finest skill, looking back at my posts, I chuckle at the silly posts, poorly photographed pictures and bad grammar. It was like a nostalgic walk through. Inspirations may have left me quite a little 10 years on, growing kids with privacy I guess. Blog posts have significantly declined and I attribute that to the birth growth of Instagram, where we share more in there during the recent years. So yes, from not knowing what their Mum does for hobby, the kids now know I share stories and some parts of our life on blog, Facebook and Instagram (@mumscalling). And yes, I seek their approval before sharing photos and stories about them.

As much as being authentic, I do not mask my parenting journey. I share true stories, not the always positive, but the challenges faced as a parent. If a story is just too private or embarassing, it does not get a go for publish. Truth is, I am a relatively private person. If you have followed through our 10 years, I have always adopted a very generic style. A blog is not necessarily a share of an explicit life.

And no, being on social media does not make me a social extrovert expert. I am on the contrary quite an introvert. I am one with few words, especially in a new environment. Not because I am unfriendly or unapproachable, but I am a natural shy who usually takes a passive role. I am no social butterfly at media events, but I am always elated to meet familiar blogging friends. And of course, make new friends by breaking through my shy cocoon.

10 years did not come easy. There are many who have started a blog, but later left drowned in the ocean of blogs. It takes so much love, passion and discipline to keep the cob webs off a blog. I obviously did NOT start a blog for reviews or monetary. If you think blogging pays, I would say it comes inconsistently with the payments good enough for snacks buy. That's my blog's worth. It was simply sharing, learning and wanting to keep up with milestones. I have never thought it would grow to where reviews and collaborations come in. 

To date, we have done 124 reviews on blog. Excluding those on Instagram. Reviews are mostly barter trades, you get the product for free, but you do some work with it. You take photos, write and direct how best to bring it across to represent both sponsor and self, as a parent user. Do not think lightly of the work behind each post. And of course, if a product does not benefit us in any way, we do not even proceed across the initial stage.

Going forward, I hope to still keep up with blogging. For as long as it allows me to. It is a great way to document and share our experiences and vacation travels. It heartens me the most when readers send me words of encouragements, positivity and how much my sharing has blessed them too.

Thank you for staying around this humble little blog, Facebook and Instagram with us!

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