Tuesday 23 April 2019

Trip to Sekinchan, Malaysia

It was another long silence from the previous share, where we stopped after completing our visit in KL. Last November! Mamas are busy beings you know. 

Continuing... after doing KL, we drove about 1.5 hour to Sekinchan. A very small town in Selangor that can be enjoyed as a day trip. Known for its fertile soil for rice planting, it is one of the major rice producing areas of Malaysia.

Rice Factory and Gallery
So yes, we visited paddy fields and the processing factory where we learned about the process of paddy planting with a guided tour at the Paddy Processing Factory and Gallery. There is a small fee for the tour, and it comes with a small pack of rice. Not bad of a deal. The tour began with a short video that showed the process of rice processing from seeding to harvesting, as well as the use of modern technology in the production of rice.

Paddy Processing Factory and Gallery
Types of rice

After which we roamed around the souvenir store to shop for snacks. The prices of their rice are relatively low compared to getting rice from our local supermarket. There is a variety of rice to pick from, but I doubt I can differentiate the grades and types of it. 

Across the road, just opposite the factory is the paddy field. We saw lush green paddy. It must be the pre-harvest season when we visited during the tail end of November. Green is not only good for the eyes, it is photography heaven!

Rice field

Rice plant

It was an educational tour for both adults and kids of the urban. I liked that the tour was conducted in Mandarin, just so the kids can get into some language immersive programme. However, it really isn't a must visit place if you are not on the way. A good to visit location.

Paddy Processing Factory and Gallery
Lot No. 9990, Jalan Tali Air 5, Ban 2, 
Selangor, 45400 Sekinchan, Malaysia

Ah Ma House (阿嬤的家)

This is probably my favourite visit in Sekinchan. In here is where we can find all our yesteryears candies and snacks which are not easily available in the commercial shops. It was a blast from the past, a joy to see and rekindle the old times. But of course, price is not one that stayed with the past. It has been inflated with its influx of tourists.

Ah Ma House

Old school candies

Olden days furniture

The interior was decorated with really old furniture from our grandparents time. The place is small and it did not take us long to complete the visit with some munchies. You do have to try their egg cake (鸡蛋糕), it is very delicious with a wonderful traditional taste!

Loving this sour plum ice pop

Traditional love letters

Ah Ma House
Lot 10376, Jalan Tali Air 5, Kampong Sekinchan,
45400 Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia.

Mango King
And if you thirst for a cold slush out after a long day out, you may rest over at Mango King. A small fruit stall with seating that sells not just mango, but other seasonal fruits. As well as a small variety of dried goods. We had mango popsicle and slushie.

Mango popsicle

Mango slushie

Wan Chai Mango King (华仔芒果园)
248, Lorong 4, Site A, 45400 Sekinchan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Others that you can do within and nearby Sekinchan would be watching fireflies and visit the sky mirror (Google for 天空之镜 Sky Mirror). A boat ride is required for both activities. It was a day trip for us, so we didn't cover much.

After Sekinchan, we did a sleepover at Ipoh, to visit my Mum's hometown. After which we set off again, to Penang and Malacca.

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