Friday 27 March 2020

4 takeaways from covid

In just weeks, the newly conceived covid-19 had created much havoc in our livelihood locally and across countries. To some families, it's down to devastation. This unseen and formidable virus deemed as highly contagious spreads real quick like fire. It is a true silent creeper that respects no boundaries.

New measure on safe distancing kicked in the day before, and just the night before, news on the closure of entertainment businesses for a month. Reading news on how some courageous people went 'farewell' party one last night at these venues before businesses go silent, I realised how much of a weakling I am. I cringe at the thought of it. 

Every new day is now an uncertainty, students have halted their CCAs in school, competitions which Jazz had been training for are also put on hold. Indefinitely. Js' out of school activities - gym, badminton and music lessons are also on suspension. These kids of mine are keeping their eyes and ears glued to news, awaiting for school closure *face palm*. Oh well, one day closure per week, how about that?

These being said, the kids really enjoy more home time now, doing the things they love and enjoy. There's always a positive on the other side of negative. Such days are rare in the culture of busyness. It's quite worth a treasure too.

Covid-19 has changed our lifestyle quite a little. I took chance to talk to the kids about what we can learn out of this pandemic onset .

4 takeaways from covid-19

1. Domestic tolerance
During this period of time when most families are staying indoor, it proves a time of domestic tolerance. We are home with each other more often than before and cooping in does no wonders to the soul. While I appreciate spending more moments with the kids, I won't speak the same when squabbling occurs. Apart from family friction, staying home with home-bound activities is definitely a test of sanity. And not all families are cut to be home all time. In some places, domestic violence can actually happen when everyone is home 24/7. Try to find time for sanity boundary, even from home.

Thankfully, we are not in a lock down state. Staying home is advised, but we are still free to get out for play based on social responsibility trust, so don't take freedom for granted.

2. Early intervention
Early intervention is always a good save to an even more dire circumstances. It allows us to think ahead, mitigate the situation and keep it under control. Doctors were told to put non-emergency operations on hold, contact tracing is done urgently after each confirmed and quarantine venues were readily identified. Pandemic is not patient, its rapid spread prompted local healthcare system to be strengthened.

Likewise in life, if we intervene early and anticipate various scenarios, we can be better prepared in terms of readiness and expectations. Think of a juvenile who's on the wayward path, early intervention saves! And now think of preparing for an examination early, that's half the battle conquered.

3.  Save up for rainy days
The pumping of resilience fund into the economy is a very fine example of saving up for rainy days. The future is always uncertain, it's not quite right to say we should live in the now or live like there's no tomorrow, and splurging all money on good days. Saving up is a lifestyle we should cultivate. Good days are best days to create a security float that will keep us going through tough times. We should always encourage our kids to think of saving up.

This virus is an impactful one, livelihoods are affected and to some, it literally means bread and butter. Geography lessons have explained the detrimental impact of a society with increased unemployment. We don't want to get there.

4. Strong and wise leadership
Good or bad leadership is very much put to trial during challenging moments. Strong leaders are not led solely by speaking words from the pulpit, but with wise actions to back words up. Words that are clearly and frequently communicated to assure worrying and panicky public is essential in distraught moment like this. There will definitely be imperfect decisions, and society will never be balanced in comfort.

Though I feel that more measures can be done from a citizen point of view, like testing every patient that comes into the clinic with similar symptoms. Reason being, my kids took turns to fall sick just before the school holiday, testing for covid-19 was ruled out, but what if it really was?! Imagine the places they've been and the people they could have possibly infect after the 5 days of sick leave.

And of course, I do believe there must be some good underlying reason for decisions to happen. In times like this, there's nowhere to flee. You may have realised home is better than what the world is battling. When you are living on the bright side of a contrasting situation, you'll be grateful.

The resilience fund has something for everyone and we have done nothing to deserve this. We were however given and taken care of. Gratitude is remembering the storm when we are enjoying the sunshine. No doubt, the financial impact has to be mended with time. GST will not stay fixed and inflation will surface when economy booms again. But let's focus on containing and emerging out of this pandemic. I know this sounds like some PAP propaganda, but no, I had really want my kids to remember this brutal battle between a senseless virus and the human population that happened in their generation. To stay thankful, innovative, adaptable and not be a whiner and complainer.  

Let's protect the community like it's our family. Let's learn the lessons of today for tomorrow's history. We’ll never know exactly when a new disease outbreak will emerge. Let's stand united, not only during national day, but in tough moment like this. This time of hard moment is for all, regardless of our differences.

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