Monday 16 March 2020

Sushi Delivery to home

Home delivered meals are getting common and frequent. We used to play and dine out often during weekends, but covid got us home bound more often than before. Last weekend was a savour, with one of our meals settled by Sushi Delivery. The kids and I were more than delighted to have sushi and sashimi delivered to our doorstep, for dinner. It simply means a well-deserved kitchen break for me.

Feast time

Thanks to Sushi Delivery, we received these yummies at our doorstep:

1. Salmon Aburi Maki, 8pcs ($15.90)
2. Avocado Maki, 8pcs ($10.90)
3. Hamachi Sashimi, 5pcs ($9.90)
4. Saba Shioyaki Set Bento ($12.90)
5. Tako Yaki, 5pcs ($4.90)

Sushi Delivery

Labelling can be improved though

I was rather skeptical about having sashimi delivered to home, time taken from preparation to arrival kept me wondering about its freshness and taste. To my surprise, the hamachi sashimi that came sitting on small ice packs tasted freshly good. That being said, we didn't delay eating upon arrival, freshness must not be compromise when it comes to sashimi. Sushi Delivery's fishes are sourced daily from Osaka and Hokkaido, best known for their premium sashimi. Their fresh fish selections are flown to Singapore within 18 hours to ensure maximum freshness. 

From the appetisers and sides menu, we had Tako Yaki. Tasted good, but best if it was pipping hot. The rolls were freshly good too. Avocado maki was filled with kani and cucumber, while salmon aburi maki was filled with tamago, kani and cucumber, topped with melt-in-the-mouth salmon. Sharing a little more here, as these ingredients were not detailed on the website. Hopefully, it's some work in progress for them. 

What's in your maki

And if you have kids, saba shioyaki bento is definitely not recommended. Too boney for the little ones. Needless to say, that was mine. There are other kids friendly bento choices of course. The bento sets are ideal for small parties, playdates or workshops. If sashimi or sushi is your favourite platter, go for the sushi or sashimi party sets. Sushi delivery will definitely be our party food choice for consideration. That being said, we do hope covid gets better for party planning.

Food freshness is assured with their chefs preparing the food only upon receiving your order. Get sushi or bento meals to your doorstep within 45 minutes. Free delivery for order $60 and above, or $5.90 for delivery less than $60. Comes along with disposable chopsticks and spoons, as well as wasabi and sauce packs.

So yeap, another option added to your food delivery list. 

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Facebook: Sushi Delivery Singapore 
Contact: (+65)8328 7438

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