Thursday 14 May 2020

5 Simple Activities for Your Preschooler this Circuit Breaker

We hope the home bound days have been kind to you this far, mamas. It's not an easy time being so stuck with little kids in the house, who need to be constantly fed and played with. Hope these activities will add a some fun to your little one during this circuit breaker.

Here are 5 fun and easy activities for your little one to explore.

1. Ladle and Soup
Just ladle. No hands of course, soup is ‘hot!’ Challenge your child to be really careful with scooping and not make a spill on the table. And the pot, is one that's used in the real kitchen.

Ladle and soup

2. Trace the shadow 
A sunny day activity by the window, where the sun shines upon. Place some animals or any small standing figurines on a paper and trace their shadows. If your child is older, you may even explain how different time of the day give form to the different heights of shadows. 

Animals shadow

3. Egg drawing
Save the egg shells used from cooking and baking for this drawing purpose. Poke a hole with chopsticks at the bottom of the shell, to release its content. Wash, dry and the shells are good for art fun. We used permanent markers for drawing. Put on an art apron if your child needs one. 

Egg drawing

4. Chopsticks skills
Chopsticks and poms poms make great fun. And if your child is really good with chopsticks, try the small beans. Pick away!

Chopsticks and pom poms

5. Roads and cars
Draw roads, tracks and traffic lights on a flattened box, then bring in the toy cars to play away. You may even bring in blocks and lego to spice up the fun as buildings, petrol kiosks or attractions.

Road works in progress

Have a great time of play!

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