Tuesday 19 May 2020

Soy bean curd recipe (Smiliar to Lao Ban style)

If you enjoy Lao Ban beancurd, this recipe is somewhat similar to it. Not exactly close, but in my opinion, good enough. I've included the brand choices used, with most being found in NTUC Fairprice. Instant jelly powder was purchased from Phoon Huat. Soya bean curd powder is recommended to be Polleney brand, but I can't find it anywhere. Bought another brand instead, Happy Grass which comes in 80g pack.


This recipe yields 3 full Lao Ban bowls.

60g soybean powder (Happy Grass brand)
30g Instant organic soya milk powder (Unisoy)
20g sugar 
30g Coffee creamer (Nestle coffeemate)
13g Instant jelly powder (Red man)
700ml of water

1. Mix soybean powder and soya milk powder into a pot. 
2. Pour in 700ml of water.
3. Place the pot on the stove over low fire. 
4. Whisk the mixture to ensure that the powder mix is fully dissolved. Do Not bring to boil. 
5. Add in sugar and coffee creamer. Keep whisking and keep the mixture hot without bringing to boil. Move to the next step once you see steam.
6. Add in the instant jelly powder, and stir quickly without whisking. Stir for about a minute or two. Turn off the fire.
7. Sieve/strain the mixture into in large cup/jug.
8. Use an oil sieve (hot pot usage) to sieve another round when pouring into smaller cups/containers.
9. Allow them to cool before refrigerating about 2 to 3 hours. 

This is a reduced sugar recipe. You may up sugar to 30g if you like it sweet to Lao Ban's style. It is also possible to double the portion to make more bowls, just be careful in maintaining the right consistency and controlling the heat.

If you didn't fill the bowl to near brim, you will be able to make more bowls.

Whisking the powder mixture

Almost ready for set

Dessert is ready!

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