Thursday 18 June 2020

More Home Activities for Your Preschooler

We are into phase two of circuit breaker! Mumsy roles are pretty much the same for me as I've the youngest still nesting with me 24/7. Preschool is in plan, but we're unsure of when exactly. Meanwhile, it's keep clam, and keep on homeschooling for me.

Here are another FIVE fun and easy home activities in addition to what we shared previously on 5 simple activities for your preschooler during circuit breaker.

1. Mystery box
Cut a circle the the middle of an empty box, big enough for his hand to move in and out. Put random items into the box and get your child to make a guess of what they are. One item at a time. Range your items with different texture from toys to fruits! Allow his sense of touch lead him. 

Before that, you may get your child to paint the 'mystery box' too.

Mystery box fun

2. Face on glass
Reach for the window markers! Press your face against a glass panel and get your child to draw your face features. Change roles after that. Ta-da! You've got a portrait of each other.

Pressing his face for big bro to draw

Lovely portrait

3. Math Box
Yes, we have too many boxes sitting around waiting to be used. I cut two holes on top of the box, fix on with the covers of wet wipes as entry points for the items we want to add up. I used hot glue gun to fix this. And poms poms for our addition. Stick a plastic tape across the 2 covers for the writing of equations. Use erasable marker!

That explains our 3+3 = 6

Math fun

4. Baking soda paint
Mix paint colours with vinegar and drip them over baking soda with a dropper. Spoon drip is fine too if you do not have a dropper. Watch the foaming reaction as your child creates art with it. If you think your child can comprehend, explain the science behind. Baking soda and vinegar react with each other because of an acid-base reaction. One of the products this reaction creates is carbon dioxide.

Baking soda and vinegar

5. Ocean rescue
Make jelly using instant jelly mix. I don't have to chill to solidify if I'm using instant jelly mix. Add blue colouring to the liquid for an ocean effect. Submerge small toy animals in, before the jelly solidifies. Then get your child to rescue them with chopsticks!

Spot the ocean animals

Have fun with these home activities for your preschooler!

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