Sunday 28 June 2020

One Hour Florist - Review

I sent a bouquet of flowers from One Hour Florist to the daughter! When it arrived at the door, I alerted her that she has flowers. Ignorant and in disbelief, she continued to be engage in her task. I had to bring the flowers to her. After checking out the greeting card, she released a smile like she had been pranked. It was definitely no prank, I had wanted to be the first person in her life to send her flowers.

Deluxe Surprise Hand Bouquet

Her weeks had been busy with work from school and home based learning. On top of these, she had some tough time adapting to the new elements she's learning from her online gym sessions. The idea of sending her blooms as an encouragement came to me and I was confident that the flowers will lift her mood.

I choose her bouquet from One Hour Florist, a local online florist. As its name spells, it promises to send your flowers within an hour. But, I selected a choice from the hourly time slots for next day delivery. The online ordering process was breezy, and I was pleasantly glad that there didn't seem to have a limit on the words I wanted to send across with the flowers. The message came printed on two postcards size of cardstock paper. I am sure one wordy Mama.

Lovely on her desk

It's definitely wonderful to know of a local florist that covers both your last minute and planned decisions! Delivery for all orders are Free with no minimum spending needed. With this express promise, there is definitely more value compared to what you are already paying.

One Hour Florist also promises 100% freshness with flowers air flown in daily, where only the best flowers are sent out for delivery. Their flowers are kept lasting with advanced technological solutions to sort orders in a way that each outlet would only receive orders that are within the vicinity of the delivery location. Having to deal with a decent volume of orders, they are able to fly in flowers on a daily basis without having to deal with leftover flowers. Their fast growth has also allowed them to create multiple operational outlets across Singapore, so that flowers can reach you in 60 minutes or less. In midst of the current covid situation, do give them some buffer time for safety and health checks at delivery premises.

Admiring her flowers

Do you have someone in mind to send flowers to? I think it's a wonderful idea to send flowers to a little girl today. Apart from the smiles, with gifts coming from a child's parents, it surely creates great memory with it. I'm glad I just did! Flowers aren't bloomed just for occasions, but any day.

Facebook: One Hour Florist
Instagram: @onehourflorist

Sales and Order enquiries: +65 9618 3746

Delivery Operating Hours: 11 am to 8 pm,
Delivery Operating Days: Mondays to Saturdays
No delivery on Sundays and Public Holidays

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