Wednesday 23 September 2020

Benefits of Acai - The Acai Lab

Acai (ah-sigh-ee), that's the right way to pronounce it. Acai berries are a grape-like fruit native to the rainforests of South America. They are harvested from acai palm trees. Want to know how it looks like? You can actually spot its tree towards the exit of River Safari. We saw it when we were there last week.

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The kids and I love Acai. Here are some benefits of it:

Antioxidants in acai berries help neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals throughout the body, preventing diseases and fighting the negative effects of aging. We need regular doses of antioxidants to repair our skin cells. Some said antioxidants can help improve mood disorder associated with anxiety and depression too!

The most important part about the nutrients that acai berries contain is the high amount of anthocyanins, the part of the plant that makes acai berries that deep purple color. It may slow down the aging process, prevent blood clots and improve blood circulation in the body. That deep color is how you know they are packed with nutrients and antioxidants.
Lowers Cholesterol 
The effects of anthocyanins have been shown to lower cholesterol levels. When humans were supplemented with anthocyanins, there were positive effects on their cholesterol levels. Protecting against cardiovascular diseases. 

Acai bowls
Now that you know about the benefits of acai berries, let us introduce our favourite way of eating it. We love acai bowl smoothie from The Acai Lab! With choices of loading your bowl with superfoods such as nuts, fruits and seeds. It has Island wide delivery and no minimum order. Free delivery for order $40 and above. Acai itself has a bitter tastes, its blend with other ingredients makes the taste more accepting. Here's what The Acai Lab uses in its PurpleBlend. 

60% Pure Acai puree

20% Purple Superfoods - Blueberries, Strawberries, Elderberries, Cranberries, Figs

10% Creamy base - Banana

10% Liquid base - Vegan milk

Love that its organic and preservative free! If you've not tried Acai before, start here. The kids and I are fans of it. Makes a really nice dessert too. 


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