Sunday 6 September 2020

Science Centre this September Holiday!

How about the Science Centre this September holiday?!

Living Worlds: An Animal Planet Experience exhibition is re-opening for a limited period of 10 days. From 4 to 13 September. This exhibition is a showcase of the natural world, exploring the interdependent relationships between animals and the environments they inhabit, and aims to foster environmental consciousness by highlighting how human activity impacts nature. 

We spent some time experiencing the various immersive zones with interesting bite-sized content whilst leveraging the latest technology for interactive play. 

Three distinct Living Worlds 
Tropical Rain Forest: Traverse a special tree-top walk that will culminate in a surprising view to explore the rich biodiversity hidden within the rain forests. Juboy enjoyed his canopy walk here.
Tree top walk

As smart as an orangutan?
Coral Reef: Dive into the mysteries of the deep blue brought to life through an immersive dome experience and learn about the intricate coral ecosystem and how they interplay with deep-sea creatures. We found out how coral reefs grow, and built our own coral reefs here.
Into the Coral Reef

Sea Ice: Explore a starkly beautiful wonderland, feel the intense coldness in the sea ice and learn about polar bears' amazing ability to adapt to the cold and more about the effects of global warming in the Arctic. The kids got on a game of 'clearing the air', where they learn how carbon dioxide trap a great deal of heat around Earth, causing temperature to soar and melt the sea ice. The kids were tasked to sweep aside the clouds of carbon dioxide that are stopping sea ice from forming, so polar bear can hunt!


Stepping the CO2 away!

Into the Artcic


There were quite a number of hands on activities available: digital colouring, origami making, build your own coral reef etc. Sanitisers are available at these high touch surfaces, with additional cleaning between sessions, from 1pm to 2pm daily. This is when the centre is closed out too. 


Digital Colouring

Folding a kola

'Living Worlds' exhibition ticket includes a free entry to Science Centre Singapore (no standalone exhibition ticket available). Due to health and safety measures, all guests are advised to pre-book their tickets online as onsite ticketing counters will remain closed during this period.

With that, we further explored some permanent exhibits within Science Centre, which are already included in your entrance tickets. Interesting exhibits we've done before include:

  • Phobia: The Science of Fear 
  • Professor Crackitt's Light Fantastic Mirror Maze
  • Know your poo
  • New Coronavirus Exhibit 
  • Rice for Life
Purchase Additional Tickets
Omni-Theatre is a now showing 'we are stars,' a 26 minutes educational, full-dome immersive show that explains what we are made of and how the sun was created. It also explains how a star is made. We enjoy how these complex scientific concepts are made accessible to all ages using stylised and fun visualisations. The older kids enjoyed it very much, it was definitely some new knowledge gained.

The omni-theatre is currently operating a a 3-day week. Do pre-book your tickets online. $14 per ticket.
Snow City
Your well-needed treat on a sunny day! Get on some icy slide, snow play and bumper car ride. Bumper cars are for kids above 0.9m. For the above 14, check out the snow battles where you can try out your marksmanship with shooting targets. Additional tickets needed. 
Wear your long pants, and the rest can borrowed within Snow City. I'm impressed this round, with how clean the boots are, and fresh smelling the jackets and gloves are.

Bumper car on ice
There are just so much to explore within the Science Centre. Definitely a great holiday treat for the kids!
Science Centre Singapore
Address: 15 Science Centre Road Singapore 609081
New Opening Hours
Session A: 10 am to 1pm (Last entry 12pm)
Session B: 2pm to 5pm (Last entry 4pm)
Closed for disinfection: 1pm to 2pm
Ticket pricing during peak period (Singaporean/PR)
Adult: $6
Child: $4
Senior Citizens: $4 (above 60)
Tickets are free during off peak period (weekdays during school term)
Living Worlds: An Animal Planet Experience Opening Hours
Session A: 10 am to 1pm (Last entry 12.15pm)
Session B: 2pm to 5pm (Last entry 4.15pm)
Closed for disinfection: 1pm to 2pm
Ticket pricing (includes entry to Science Centre)
Adults: $16
Child: $12

Snow City New Opening Hours  
10 am to 1pm (Last entry 12pm)
2pm to 5pm (Last entry 4pm) 
Till 6pm during PH and school holiday
Closed for disinfection: 1pm to 2pm
Ticket pricing (Singaporean/PR)
1 hour snow play 
Adult: $15
Child: $12
2 hour snow play
Adult: $25
Child: $18
Child's age: 3 to 12 years old 

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