Friday 30 October 2020

Online Christmas Tree Shopping

As with any other celebrations like birthdays and Chinese New Year, Christmas has always been something we look forward to. With the joyous occasion approaching, we’re already making plans on the theme of this year’s Christmas. We’re thinking somewhere along the lines of a simple, White Christmas party theme. What this entails is that usually the christmas ornaments will include anything from white lilies to anything dusted with spray-snow to paper origami birds. I’m sure kids will have a blast with that one. We’re also planning to get everyone dressed in white and have a beautiful White Christmas Tree this year. Christmas, although exciting, is also hectic as well. With so many things to plan and buy, it’s not that easy doing all the Christmas shopping in person which means much of our holiday shopping has shifted online. Yes, the tradition has always been to get your Christmas Tree in person at the shop itself, but many don’t know that getting a Christmas tree online has been available for years and it actually makes it a lot easier on your part. Here’s some things that we’ve learnt to look out for when purchasing your Christmas Tree online.


1. The Convenience of Setting Up Your Tree


With online shopping for Christmas trees also comes your own personal manual labour. What’s important is ensuring that your pick of Christmas tree is easy to set up so not a lot of effort is required on your part. After all, the whole point of online shopping is to make your life easier and hassle-free. Nowadays, although breaking the tradition, we find that artificial Christmas trees are a lot more convenient. You don’t have to worry about branches falling off (which equates to more cleaning), and you can easily set it up by yourself. We personally like to go for artificial Christmas trees with the self-collapsing branches. How it works is that basically all you have to do is flip the tree upright from its packaging and the branches just fall into place. It’s simple and convenient. Unlike other types of artificial trees where you have to individually spread the branches one by one, this concept saves a lot more time. Storing it back is also easy, just flip it back upside down and it will collapse back on its own into the packaging. Easy breezy.

Pine Concept adopts this convenient method of self-collapsing branches to all their trees and they even have a White Christmas Tree option to go with our desired theme. If you’re looking for this specific type of artificial Christmas tree, you can head to their website to check out the various different types of trees that you can pick from.


2. Value for Money

Another benefit of artificial Christmas tree is the durability of it and how much you can actually save due to the fact that you don’t have to keep repurchasing a new tree each year. With artificial trees, you can reuse the same one for years to come and you don’t realise it, but you’re saving you and your family a whole lot of money. Christmas trees, depending on where you get them, are not exactly the cheapest. You could spend up to a thousand dollars on Christmas trees alone. That’s assuming you’re getting a new one every year. Why we personally prefer artificial Christmas trees is the fact that it doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet and it’s a great investment.

Unlike typical artificial Christmas trees which are usually thrown away after the season due to quality issues, our go-to Christmas Tree shop, Pine Concept’s trees are guaranteed to maintain their structure and engineered to last a lifetime. What’s great about them is that they also offer a 10-year warranty and free replacement for any damages. You can be certain that your purchase with Pine Concept is a great investment. It’s definitely our best Christmas investment so far.


3. Product Misrepresentation

With online shopping comes a lot of worry that what you’re seeing in pictures may not necessarily reflect the actual product that arrives. We know that has always been our main issue with purchasing products online. Thankfully, this isn’t a cause of concern when getting your Christmas Trees from Pine Concept. Their product photos are personally shot and taken in their own studio and they avoid putting too much edits on their trees so customers know what they actually look like. Initially, we were quite skeptical when we first purchased from Pine Concept because the photos available on the website are all so aesthetically pleasing (kudos to their photography skills) that we were afraid it was a lot of edits and wouldn’t look as good as the pictures when it came. But in actual fact, we were so pleased when the tree actually came (kudos to their product quality)! Trust us, we’ve had our fair share of products looking nothing like their pictures online so we’re glad that Pine Concept really delivered. You can also check out the pictures on their site to get inspiration to decorate your Christmas Tree.


4. Realistic Looking Artificial Christmas Trees


After realising that artificial Christmas trees can look just as good, sometimes even better than live ones, we were sold. I’ve realised that you can place an artificial Christmas tree beside a real one and can almost always never tell the difference. The

great thing about shopping at Pine Concept is that their trees are mimicked to look exactly like how a real Christmas tree should look like. They’ve specifically selected a shade of green that is a darker tone as compared to other artificial trees that are lighter in colour which makes it look a lot more real. Their self-collapsing branches are also filled with the most tips to achieve that full and grand Christmas Tree look that is what many of us want to achieve to go with our Christmas tree decorations.

These are just some tips that we’ve found to be helpful when looking out for my Christmas Tree Singapore online. We’ve come to find that shopping on Pine Concept for all my Christmas needs saves us a lot of time, effort and money without having to worry about the product quality. Check out their website, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for as the season approaches.

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