Wednesday 20 January 2021

Chinese New Year Goodies - Wang Lai Bakery

The transition of Christmas to Chinese New Year is always a vast one. It is an early reminder of not leaving preparations to the very last minute. The buying of Chinese New Year goodies have been made convenient along the years with online order and delivery. Here's one we tried and recommend, Wang Lai Bakery. Established in 1968, it has been a popular confectionery booth in Chinatown that specialises in traditional Chinese goodies.

Preserving traditional recipes for 4 generations in the family, extraordinary efforts have been taken to constantly tweak and improve the family recipes to be as close as possible to perfection. Each goodie piece is lovingly handcrafted with plenty of attention given to every single detail of its construction. We love how authentic it tastes without the intervention of machinery to produce these goodies. No preservatives too!

Goodies from Wang Lai Bakery

Considering how great tasting they are, their goodies are very affordably priced. I like how they claim using only premium quality ingredients and yet, keeping prices considerate without prioritising on profits. This is the true joy of Chinese New Year, isn't it?!

Here are the goodies sent to us and we love every tub of it!

1. Premium love letter (yuan yang pandan) 
2. Melt in your mouth open face pineapple tarts
3.  Premium Prawn rolls
4.  Melt in your mouth almond cookies 
5.  Melt in your mouth pineapple tarts
6. Premium chocolate and peanut butter love letter
7.  Melt in your mouth kuih bangkit

There wasn't any snack that we particularly disliked, they were all good to taste. But I am definitely one who enjoys open faced tarts over the closed ones. Oh, the premuim yuan yang pandan love letter stole my heart too, a lovely mix of pandan and original love letters. The colours mix were just pleasing to the eyes too. It seems out of stock on their website for now, hope it gets a restock soon.

Let the feasting begin!

And of course, if you are on a low calories count Chinese New Year, you may want to go strict with chocolate and peanut butter love letter. As much as I love it, I had to limit myself to just 1 piece per flavour. The thick layer of chocolate and peanut butter sandwich between the love letter made it so yummy! If you find this way to detrimental to your waist line, share it with your guests!

Enjoy early Bird Promotion of 30% off all Goodies when you preorder before 31 January 2021! Free delivery for orders above $100. $10 delivery fee for orders below $100, or $20 for express delivery within 60 minutes. 

Self collection is also available at:
20 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #03-58, S573968


Looks like we are all set for Chinese New Year. We hope you are too!

All ready for CNY!


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Giveaway closes 27 Jan 21, 2359hrs.

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