Monday 27 September 2021

PSLE Fuel pack

This is the week, the week where PSLE begins. The year that our eldest is taking this major exam, after 6 years of completing primary school. How did time fly?!

The final 2 years leading up to national exams had been rough. Our school going children were navigating in and out of uncertainties, toggling between physical school and home based learning. We thought 2020 was trying enough for them, then came 2021 which didn't look any prominent. 

Pandemic is truly full of surprises.

Now that we are days away from the first paper, I've to say I'm even more anxious. Not about the daughter's readiness of knowledge in battling the papers, but about keeping her and everyone in the family safe and healthy, away from covid. It's highly important that she gets to sit for the papers, the final lap and wrap after all these primary years. No doubt, the challenge is tough with the unseen virus, in an uncontrollable situation. You won't know when the virus hits, or when a quarantine order or leave of absence will be issued. 

It has been a year of twists and turns for them. Adding on to the many changes, these kids are the pioneer batch of students to the new AL scoring system, as well as the youngest within the community qualified for vaccination. I can imagine the chaos that their minds have been going through.

I declare our P-Sixers as warriors! Warriors who adapted, who stood strong through changes and showed resilience in the times of uncertainties. And like some previous years, where I made fuel packs for our PSLE friends, I made one for the daughter and some of our friends this year. It was so much more specially made because it's the daughter turn.  

I hunted down for relevant items and ideas to complement exam tips. This is one that can be easily assembled for any child who's conquering exams ahead.

PSLE Fuel pack

Here are our 15 exam tips for battling the upcoming exam: 

Tip 1: Stickers are lovely for decorating revision notes (Item: Stickers)

Tip 2: Sticky notes are great ways to set visible reminders (Item: Sticky note pad)

Tip 3: Add colours to revision (Item: Colourful washi tape. Skittles candy is great too)

Tips 1 to 3

Tip 4: Music helps relax the mind (Item: Mini musical box)

Tip 5: Erase the 't' in can't. You can do it! (Item: Eraser)

Tip 6: Run the day with a schedule. Balance study and play (Item: Schedule pad)

Tips 4 to 6

Tip 7: Make notes to capture important learning points (Item: Ring cards)

Tip 8: Keep break time in mind (Item: Kit Kat)

Tip 9: A nutritious breakfast starts the day well (Item: Cereal. I used granola bar for some boxes too)

Tips 7 to 9

Tip 10: Energy is everything that keeps you going (Item: Milo)

Tip 11: Vitamin C boosts immunity (Items: Yummy earth pops and Ribena gummies)

Tip 12: Bookmark revision pages (Item: Sticker markers)

Tips 10 to 12

Tip 13: Study hard, study smart (Item: Smarties)

Tip 14: Highlight important key points (Item: Highlighter)

Tip 15: Do a twist dance after every hard work (Item: Twisties)

Tips 13 to 15


A little cheer amidst the gloom. I hope our little warriors will conquer their papers in good health and in good confidence. As always, best effort counts. 

All the best to all our PSLE children nationwide!

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