Wednesday 29 September 2021

[Review + Giveaway] The Durian Bakery

Going for durian bakes isn't my usual kind of thing. That's because I'm a a 101% durian lover and I would always prefer to go for the real thing. Unprocessed durian, right from its shell. 

The Durian Bakery changed my eating experience. Durian bakes and pastries taste almost as good and satisfying, especially made with fresh durians delivered from the plantation, in Pahang, Malaysia.

We had the Dark Chocolate Musang King Durian Mille Crepe Cake which was extremely rich creamy. Made with 39 layers in total - 20 layers of thin handmade crepe skin and 19 layers of thick durian puree. The cake is layered with their signature MSW SilkyGold™ durian puree, blended through a special process to make it extra creamy, and just as tasty as the durian itself! Though creamy, it doesn't make you sick of eating as the crepe skin evens out the cream, giving you a balanced taste.

The cake weighs about 1 to 1.1kg and is sized at about 8 inches, making a good birthday cake option for any durian lover.

Dark Chocolate Musang King Durian Mille Crepe Cake


Along with the cake, we also had their Mao Shan Wang Pastries Taster Bundle, which is highly recommended on their website. This bundle consists of:

The choux puffs are filled with a luscious and decadent durian filling of D24. Their signature mochi with a soft core are filled with purely just D24 Durians, making a tiny and easy in between the fingers snack. We like savouring them semi-frozen.  


Cake and taster bundle

The savory dark chocolate mousse is made with fresh musang king durian pureed, whipped into a thick creamy texture. We specially love the crunchy crust base, giving each mouthful a nice durian crunch. With every mouth, you could also taste the natural bitter-sweetness of their signature SilkyGold™ Durian Puree. Topped with sinfully rich dark chocolate, it gives an extremely creamy texture and is wonderfully delicious.

Dark chocolate mousse

The bakes and pastries are made with high quality, carefully selected ingredients and unique blend of flour ratio - standardized 11.7 % of protein content with highest wheat germ level. Wheat germ is high in vitamin E, an essential nutrient with antioxidant properties. And most essentially, the bakes and pastries are all freshly baked without preservatives. They do have eggless cake options too.

Burp! It's been a while since we had some nice durian cake and pastries. Which have all earned a thumbs up from us. 

Recommended by: best in Singapore

Giving away!

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