Friday 14 October 2022

[REVIEW] Durian SG Prime

When people say durians boost energy, you have to believe it! At least to me. Eating it, or even the thought of having it energises my day. However the day has been like. Yes, we are durian lovers, especially the littlest son, daughter and I. A matter of fact is also, even though durians contain no unhealthy cholesterol or fats, they are high in calories. Which means if you want to consume, you have to go for what is worth your calories intake. Don't settle for mediocre quality. Here's introducing you to Durian SG Prime, to get both your money and taste worth. 

Durian SG Prime is a trusted platform to satisfy your durian crave. Durian delivery is speedy, you can select between general delivery with an estimated delivery of 2 hours or express delivery within 60 minutes of order confirmation. Free delivery above $99. They provide only quality, and affordable durians that they collaborate directly with plantation owners in Pahang to secure these durians. While most local sellers are buying the supply of agents. The direct process gives end consumers durians that are cheaper. 

Durian SG Prime sent us 2 boxes of creamy, fleshly and bright yellow durians. A box of Black Gold and another of Old Tree. Both from The Famous Tiger Mountain, located in Sungai Klau, Pahang. It owes its name to the early ancient settlers and was incidentally named after the critically endangered Malayan tigers, Panthera tigris tigris subspecies that are native to Pahang.


Black Gold and Old Tree durian

More than 250 mature trees are located along the valley, measuring an estimated 3.8 acres. They are newly discovered old trees that have been dropping rich-tasting durians for over a century. In particular, the Ah Gong tree is dated to be over 103 years old, and Twin Elders, a big old tree, is easily recognized by its two co-joint trunks to be at least 80 years old.  

The rare harvest of these two trees gives an out-of-the-world experience. A taste to “die for “, condensed and throat-sticking meat, the ultimate durian experience. The remaining 250 natural trees in the region are home to mature trees that are beyond 40 years old, cultivating some of the very best durians that Raub has to offer.  

While pictures can't justify the taste, these rich yellow looking durians that we devoured were definitely not a disappointment. We had Black Gold in the bitter variant, and Old Tree Mao Shan Wang in the bittersweet variant. Durians are complex in the sense that they are between the bittersweet taste. Very much selected based on personal preference. Glad these were satisfying and well worth the calories!


Durian SG Prime


And if you had a disappointed buy from Durian SG Prime, you are able to get replacement durian done with no questions asked. Other than getting durian delivery, you may also choose to dine in or walk-in to purchase. Pre-order is highly recommended though. Give it a try, durians lovers! 

Durian SG Prime 
24A 456 Geylang Road 389415


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