Thursday 6 October 2022

[REVIEW] myFirst Fone R1s

Little guy is starting primary one next year. There are so many things to prep and gear him up for. Above and beyond the necessary school supplies, we are glad to have introduced him the use of myFirst Fone R1s smartwatch. 

This smartwatch comes with a 6 months contract plan for its SIM card that enables the son to chat, video, and voice call us over 4G connectivity. It also functions as a wearable GPS that can give him and us more confidence whenever he's out, or in school. We have not thought of his after school transport arrangement, but it will be good to know his whereabouts, especially if he will be taking the school bus. It is not only functional, it is as stylish as it looks. 


Cool Face with cool myFirst Fone


Setting up the watch requires you to download myfrstFone app, scan a QR code and linking the watch to the app. I had the app downloaded on my phone.

Compared to the older R1 model, the new R1s is at a much faster speed, adds a heart rate sensor, allows the monitoring of daily steps, improved waterproof rating (not recommended for wear during shower and swim), and has twice the amount of internal storage from 4GB to 8GB. which means the son can store tons of songs in there! Oh, but good to remind the son not to play it too loudly when out. 

Here's a look into the functions of myFirst Fone R1s:

Stay connected with voice, video call and messaging
We can stay connected at every moment. Both parent and child can initiate video calls at anytime, anywhere. Using cellular networks, both myFirst Fone R1s and smartphone can communicate through voice or video calls just like a regular phone.
Real-time location tracking using GPS
GPS tracker can help keep our child safe when they are out of sight. myFirst Fone R1s uses advanced GPS, WiFi and GSM to help us, parents accurately and conveniently track our child. Through the myFirstFone app, parents can schedule regular location updates based on time intervals or geo-locations. Parenthood just got a little easier with our GPS tracking!
Quick help with one-touch SOS   
An emergency sent within reach. Send distress signals through an integrated SOS button. 
Class Mode
With flexible customisation on class mode, myFirst Fone R1s can be silenced at a specified day or time to minimise distractions. All calls and message alerts will be silent upon activation and only SOS function can be used. A great feature to let our chold stay focused on their school work or study.
Heart Rate Monitoring 
PPG (Photoplethysmography) Heart Rate Monitoring is added into the new R1s. Parents can set the high heart rate alert in the application remotely and once the R1s detected child is running it will auto-detect the heart rate and will alert the user to slow down if exceeded the beats per minute set up by you.
Personalised Alarms 
Sounds fun that I can set up the wake up call, or alarm with our own customised recorded voice message. Gave him a really loud one to make him jump out of bed.
Preset Messages 
Choose from multiple preset text and emoji to chat with me, or his friends. This minimizes the amount of time he has to type on his watch. 

Preset messages and emojis

Animated Wallpaper 
Customisable watch face to choose from a selection of new fun animated wallpapers. Simply press hold the main screen and choose a selection of wallpaper, animated wallpaper and selfie wallpaper from the drop down list. 
2MP Camera  
The son can now use his own smartwatch to capture his favourite moments, and leave my phone alone. The pictures are actually quite clear and vibrant! 

We-fie with myFirst Fone
SOS Notification
The smartwatch has a large SOS button that will record a 30s audio clip and send an SOS notification to the phone that's paired with the smartwatch.
This  myFirst Fone R1s comes along with 1 USB charging cable, 1 user manual, 1 year limited hardware warranty and 6 months SIM card. Depending on your child's usage, the battery life of the smartwatch under normal usage is about 16 hours. We charge once every 2 days as his usage is light. It is recommended to charge1 to 1.5  hours each time, without overnight charging.
I like this idea of staying connected with my child without having to compromise on giving him a phone. This smartwatch is perfect for connectivity without the distractions of sites browsing or app downloads. 
Unlock greater peace of mind for the whole family with myFirst Fone R1s. 

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