Saturday, 16 February 2013

Valentines craft

Did a door knob holder with the kids on valentines day. Here are the materials we gathered:
- Colourful papers (3 to 4 colours)
- 1 pipe cleaner
- 2 wiggly eyes
- 1 paper plate
- 1 piece of tissue
- White glue
- scissors
 photo DSC06579_zps83d1b449.jpg
What we need
1. Cut a large heart shape out of the red coloured paper. Large enough to cover the paper plate. Then paste in on the bottom of the paper plate.

 photo DSC06583_zps491a54a0.jpg

2. Trim away the excess parts of the plate. And cut a '+' in the center of the heart. Approximately 3 by 3 inch, depending on the size of your door knob.

 photo DSC06585_zpsa09ee542.jpg
Did this tricky cut for Jazz
3. Cut two little heart shaped dimples and a little ribbon. Paste them as below. Trim pipe cleaner to fit as its mouth.
 photo DSC06587_zps09f33481.jpg
Smiley heart
4. Lastly, tear a tissue into many little pieces as its 'hair.' Tissue tearing is Jare's favourite activity.

 photo DSC06590_zps386bfbc5.jpg
Paste all round the border
5. Now's all good with the door knob as its nose!

 photo DSC06596_zps0f60688f.jpg
Door knob holder
 And if you do not have those wiggly eyes, here's another option to cut those circled eyes.

 photo DSC06559_zps676f5e30.jpg
Happy Valentines day!
 Great craft that helps beautify our door. The kids sure had fun!

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