Saturday 16 February 2013

Valentines craft

Did a door knob holder with the kids on valentines day. Here are the materials we gathered:
- Colourful papers (3 to 4 colours)
- 1 pipe cleaner
- 2 wiggly eyes
- 1 paper plate
- 1 piece of tissue
- White glue
 - scissors

1. Cut a large heart shape out of the red coloured paper. Large enough to cover the paper plate. Then paste in on the bottom of the paper plate.

What we need

2. Trim away the excess parts of the plate. And cut a '+' in the center of the heart. Approximately 3 by 3 inch, depending on the size of your door knob.

Did this tricky cut for Jazz

3. Cut two little heart shaped dimples and a little ribbon. Paste them as below. Trim pipe cleaner to fit as its mouth.

Smiley heart
4. Lastly, tear a tissue into many little pieces as its 'hair.' Tissue tearing is Jare's favourite activity.

Paste all round the border

5. Now's all good with the door knob as its nose!

Door knob holder

  And if you do not have those wiggly eyes, here's another option to cut those circled eyes.

Happy Valentines day!

 Great craft that helps beautify our door. The kids sure had fun!

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