Tuesday 5 February 2013

Buttons - Interesting know

One evening, while the man was helping with the laundry, he asked if I've ever noticed how buttons are sewn on the men and women's apparel. I thought he was very random with his question until he imparted an interesting know. Buttons on women's blouses are sewn on the left while buttons for men's shirts are sewn on the right. Something my apparel designing friends would have known, but definitely new to me.

In the Victorian days, the ladies have got servants to help put on their wears like corsets. And buttons on the right help to ease the servants when buttoning their mistresses, as most of them are right handed. Since then, buttons have been sewn the way it is, till today. Even for the little ones.

Jare's tee above and Jazz's dress at the bottom

And I thought buttons for little ones should be all on the left, since I'm 'servant' to them. 

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