Thursday 30 August 2012

Drama Time

Since the arrival of kids, I've hardly got hooked on my dramas again. I was into Korean dramas and now, hardly the luxury to even couch for an hour. My dramas these day would be the occasional channel 8 or U local production that I chance upon when I switch on the TV. And so, one night, while the kids were asleep, I saw this Taiwan drama on Channel U - 犀利人妻. After some episodes on it, I was totally hooked! Let me assure you, I've never been a Taiwan drama fan, they're usually cheesy and comical in a manner that I can't appreciate. 

This show that I spent days and nights on, is so good that I think any mummies should watch. It's a worthy watch. It's all about a happily married woman with a daughter, and her husband who fell in love with another woman. Their family was all so perfect until a third party came. Being married with kids, I strongly identify the show. The story is not one to applaud, but I'm totally impressed and inspired by the wits of the Wife/Mother portrayed. A wise woman is one that uses her words for kindness, hands for good works, heart for love and those who do not like her, she forgives. Aspiring to be one. 

It began with showing the stereotype image of a housewife, how 'obasan' or auntie she is for staying home, spending most time on the housework and her child. A typical thrifty housewife who doesn't doll up to look good. Her husband got into a relationship with her cousin, which I thought he was going to end it for the sake of his family. But, he decided to go for a divorce and before everything gets really bad and ugly, there was no more turning back. Despite the chances his wife gave, in hope for a returning husband, he was never remorseful until the day everything was beyond hope. The ending is bold because it's definitely not one local dramas would write up. After all, family enhancement and education comes largely from the media, most dramas usually end with a happy story. 

Much being told, I shall not go into more details, in case you intend to watch and I could have burst any excitement. Sometimes, inspirations doesn't come from just people around us, but as fantasy as I may be, from dramas! Let's get the matter right, it's just a drama after all. But, I've definitely learnt some good points and decided to, after watching the show some time ago:

1. Dress better - Even it means staying home or going out for a short while.
2. Makeup - Which I always do whenever I'm out, even for minutes.
3. Be a woman of wisdom - Possess that character of a great heart and speak wise words.

I really love the wisdom she portrays in the show, her thoughts and words, they're just so profound. She got especially wiser as she went through the roughs of her life. Pitfalls always make one wiser. As a wife and a mother, I hope I'm the pride of my husband and children.

Everytime I chat up with my married friends, I would casually bring this drama up as a good watch. I strongly recommend and have successfully recommended some of my friends to watch. It was so exciting that I went ahead to watch online, instead of routinely waiting for the episodes to be aired on TV. I assure you, it won't be a waste of time, hopefully. Like how I always tell myself, dramas are a waste of my precious time, especially when I've 2 little ones to give attention to. Once in a while, for inspiring dramas, it's fine. Oh, there's a follow up movie coming soon too!


  1. I watched this drama too.. there is a follow up to it..can't wait to watch it.:P

  2. follow up movie right? I want to catch that too! haha.


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