Friday 31 August 2012

Interesting conversations

Conversation 1
Jazz: Daddy, next time can you do craft with me?
Daddy: Okay, what craft? Starcraft or Warcraft?
I flipped upon hearing. My man has been too hooked on online gaming!

Conversation 2
Daddy: Jareth, drink your nan nan
Mummy: Can you not use baby language
Daddy: Jareth, can you consume your white liquid from the cow
I burst out laughing, so 'profound!'

Conversation 3
The kids were given some notes for their little banks.
Mummy: Jazzelle, can you allow didi to keep his note
Jazzelle: But sharing makes playing more fun and helping makes playing more fun
Mummy: Okay, you're nice!
What else can I say for being so 'helpful'

Conversation 4
It was raining heavily while we were in the car
Jazz: Daddy, is the car painful?
Daddy: Oh yes, the raindrops are so big and heavy
Jazz: Then got blood?

Conversation 5
Jazz: Mummy, do you know I love all the red things?
Mummy: Like what?
Jazz: Like blood
This little girl is giving me some scare


  1. Karen, asher is a fan if ur little conversation! He laughed as he read them! Keep writing!

  2. Haha. Really! Even he know's Jazz Daddy is so 'nonsense.' I guess Asher our youngest reader.


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