Saturday 8 September 2012

Greetings from US

Greetings! We've arrived at destination - Monterey! A beautiful scenic place with cool weather. Had a little of weather shocked upon arrival, especially when it gets chilly in the night. Our plane ride was 'long suffering'. We took a morning flight (SG time) and both kids were so hyper that they hardly slept. Jazz slept more than Jare. I was tagged to Jare and so I hardly slept. Ipad was my savior!

Big baby in bassinet
Upon arrival, we were hosted by some friends, the seniors. They had steamboat dinner prepared for us. Exactly what we needed after a long journey. That's when I also got to meet Mummy vveon. I was so surprised to see her.

We checked into the hostel, a temporary holding place which was huge and comfortable. Not sure how long we will be here, but till we find a home to rent. 
The hall area
The well equipped kitchen

Bedroom and bathroom. The chair as stool for Jazz.
Our body biological rhythms are still disrupted, mummy and kids woke up at 3pm (US time). When it was supposedly to be breakfast for us, it was near dinner time. We had 'breakfast' and skyped with my parents. 

Nonetheless we had 'breakfast'

After which, the man collected our rented car and drove to Walmart for some groceries shopping.

Kids in trolley

Huge hypermarket with tons of frozen food!

Many lanes of freezing fridge

And there! Found Horizon milk for Jazz. It's a quarter of price here, compared to SG. How can I fly this for Mummy Ang and XH. 

Horizon Organic Milk


That's our total buy from Walmart. Oh, and a pink car seat for Jazz, which was on our priority buy list. Car seats compliance is strict and a must here! Which forces me to ignore the kids upon pleas. Good training for us. Jare had a hands down car seat, so we only bought one for Jazz. Noticed that the eggs are white? When I opened it, I thought I had bought salted eggs! But no, they are the same eggs we ate in SG and tastes the same too.

After groceries shopping, we proceeded for dinner at Delmonte shopping center. We were quite late, not many eateries were opened, we settled with Yama sushi. It's food is not yummy, far from authentic Japanese food. Portion is huge and we could hardly finish. 
The very innovative chopsticks for kids!
Satisfied faces after dinner

It's back to hostel after dinner.

Fruit dose - Apple
Moisturisers and lip balms are becoming our nightly routines. The kids and mummy had body lotion applied all over, and face cream for their chubby cheeks and nose. Jare has pink cheeks now. For me, never had I applied so much moisturiser on my face and body! My skin is so dry and my lips are chapping. A quarter of my face moisturiser is almost gone!  

Hazeline snow for the kids
That's update for now. Going for a yard sale tomorrow, hoping to get some hands down stuff for our next place, at least we can be ready for move in. 

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