Friday 8 March 2013

Age up

Another year of aging. Celebrated my birthday with two little ones home and a dinner out. It was my initial intention to stay free on this day; hands off everything, snug in bed till the body feels like moving and no washing or chores. But we know Mothers don't get days off. At least, this is what I would do if I worked. Take a day off work to rest with no distractions.

When birthday falls on a day when the man's at school and 2 little ones are home, it's still much about keeping those hands occupied. Nonetheless, I had a great day bonding with them at home. Due to time zone difference, my Mum called to wish me an early birthday. Simply sweet of her. Spouses here really surprised me. Bel made me a lovely birthday cake, ST got me bath salts, oh such luxury. Yes! We've a bathtub here. HP got me shower cream and body lotion. Thank you ladies for your thoughts! My man got me roses and my favourite cake - Red Velvet cheesecake from cheesecake factory! Oh so yummy!

After having kids, there seemed a greater reason to get cakes and candles for celebration. They love singing birthday songs and blowing that candle out. Always a One candle policy after crossing that 21st mark. Less is better when you age. 
Lovely thoughts from the man and ladies

It's the Mummy's day
As I begin to age up each year (The only thing that goes up and not come down), I pray for increased wisdom in parenting the kids and being my man's best helper. Also in hope of aging gracefully each year.

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