Wednesday 28 August 2013

Significant Milestones

You know its significant milestones when your child:

1. Off load your routines and take them into her hands. Jazz showered Jare!

One evening, in midst of washing the dishes, I shooed the kids up for shower. I must have given them too much time to idle, went into the bathroom, and saw Jazz showered Jare all by herself! I couldn't believed Jare agreed to become victim of her first attempt. The man was spying from the outside, witnessing our disbelief. Asked if she did the neck, armpits, skin folds, and she nodded. How did my girl grow so quickly to take on such a pioneer role?!!! I seriously wouldn't mind such kind offer from her daily, albeit a little worried about shampoo residue. And, if only, we didn't mind a really soaked bathroom.

And so, she showered Jare today, again! 

They had much more shower fun this way!

2. Write her first set of Chinese name. She almost gave up, I almost gave up. She said she couldn't, I said she could. She was discouraged, I encouraged, and there! She completed her first, 3 characters of Chinese name, without the dotted. Considering the number of strokes in her name, it was a very good effort. A proud mama here. 

First self written set
3. Finally read with much independence. Jazz started picking more reading since we came, we began with words, sentences and now paragraphs. And once she begins reading, it just goes on and on, more and more. Now, she can read bedtime stories for little brother!
I was surprise she could read this much

How fast has my girl grown! Every moment is truly precious, and I'm thankful for witnessing every of Js little and big milestone. It's just so exciting being a Mum.

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