Tuesday 8 April 2014

Box of surprise [Review of iNbox]

Last week seemed like a wrecked up week, where we tried to find routine in midst of tuning into our local biological clock. While we've been busy unpacking our carried home luggage, I was so concern about keeping the kids occupied with meaningful activities. And yay, I remembered the kind folks from Smart Alley, had sent me an iNbox while we were still in the states. 

iNbox, an educational fun box developed by experts, with 4 to 5 activities inclusive, subscribed monthly to your doorstep! A good surprise of creative fun and meaningful learning each month. It comes with a set of very clear guided instructions for the different activities. And yes, parental involvement makes learning more in depth. It's all about getting those little hands and minds to work, enabling them to create, explore, enrich and story tell. 

 photo DSC05110_zps5d4333d3.jpg
Awesome activities!
It was a wildlife safari themed box that we received. As I opened the box, I could see and feel the anticipation of my long necked, curious kids. They can't wait to experience what's in stored! I assure you, it won't be just a moment of fun. Think about its unique way of educating, and depending on how you plan your schedule, it's a box of activities that can occupy the kids for couple of days. I'm sure you will reap rewarding results. The box came with (i) 2 sets of hands on crafts, (ii) an activity book, (iii) an illustrated storybook and (iv) a board game, which we are still revisiting since the un-boxed of it.

 photo DSC05111_zps82557130.jpg
I love his growing interest in books!
 photo IMG_8238_zps0d09f26a.jpg
Jazz is a board game lover!
My first concern upon opening the box was that, I've 2 kids, and both are within the appropriate age of iNbox play (Ages 3 to 7). It will be loads of convincing about teamwork. But to my surprise, the activities were well shared and satisfied for both Jazz and Jare, so yay! Great teamwork in our accomplishments.

As I went through the activities, I freaked out when I saw paint without paintbrush. Reading on suggested the kids to use their fingers. I put away that mess-free thought, and told them to use those tiny fingers like a brush. Even an apron was thrown in for some thoughtful mess, which we knew the younger child deserved it. What is art without free expression, anyway. I'm glad Js didn't whine about getting those fingers all coloured up. When it comes to art and craft, I am always, an almost total observer, with no intervention. Red elephant, multi-coloured cheetah and hippo? Go ahead and get wild! There's no disapproval to creativity.

 photo DSC05120_zps94e14055.jpg
He is sure serious about work
 photo DSC05122_zpsc215dd94.jpg
Love watching them paint in harmony
 photo DSC05116_zpsfdbc08b1.jpg
Worked on their safari jeep as a team
And ta da! Free expression means getting the front and back of a jeep all mixed up. It looked good to me though.

 photo DSC05117_zpsec90880f.jpg
And rescued a fluffy raccoon!
With leftover paint, I suggested the kids to paint their safari jeep, which they decided to add colour to its wheels and give it a funny nose.

 photo DSC05124_zps554eeaf8.jpg
Their made up safari
This whole lot of actitvities kept the kids occupied for some time. I am really glad it was some meaningful time spent with them in midst of our home settling chaos. It boosted me to seemingly feel more responsible and diligent as a mum, among the busy days. It definitely was my saviour when I had no time to plan their home lessons. 

Just today, hot and fresh from our mailbox, April's iNbox came in! The kids were thrilled to see that the box was addressed specially to their names. We are just so excited to be exploring it real soon! 

Get your box of surprise today!
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Disclaimer: We received an iNbox for reviewing purpose. All opinions expressed are of our own.

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