Friday 18 April 2014

Easter egg hunt at home!

It's Good Friday! Another significant time of the year, for the believers of Christ. We talked about it in the family and we want the kids to know it isn't just a day where Daddy gets a day off his 5 days work schedule. It is significantly about the cruxification of Jesus. That He carried the cross to Calvary, and endured hours of suffering on the cross before his death. After two days, on the Sunday that is now celebrated as Easter Sunday, Jesus rose from the dead!

I have in brief, shared this story through an egg hunting game with the kids. We did it the simple and un-challenging way, all within the premise of their room. An easy hunt gets me excited kids, and probably less turnover to the already very cluttered room.

Every egg found has a written fact about the occasion we're celebrating:
  • Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected from death
  • Jesus was crucified and He rose from the dead
  • Good Friday is the day Jesus died
  • Easter Sunday is the day Jesus came back to life
  • Jesus was reborn and lives today
  • It is called Good Friday because Jesus died for the good of mankind
  • Eggs represent a symbol of new beginnings, new life and renewed faith

Easter fun notes

And the hunt begins. Jazz is generally a better searcher than Jare, or maybe it's a big sister trait. Jazz found 3 and Jare found 2 eggs. 1 egg left unfound.
The search team began hunting

Found! And let's read.

It was good fun watching the kids hunt for their eggs and celebrate their accomplishments. Little brother cracked the shells and big sister did the reading. Nice team here! 

We didn't end our game just there. We did another round of hunt the next day. This time, I left some sweet notes and good value quotes. In hope that these reminders will get stored in their little minds: 
  • Respect the elders
  • Be kind to the people around you
  • Sharing makes playing fun
  • Love your brother/sister always
  • Stay happy and smiley always
  • Always clean up after play
  • Honour your Father and Mother
  • You are my sunshine
  • Family is love. We love you!
  • You know... Mummy loves you always

My lovely quotes for them

That's our simple, low cost and non-snacking way of egg hunt. After all the hunting, cracking and reading, we ended the game with lots of hugs and kisses.

It's the long weekend! Have a great time of family bonding, everyone!

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