Wednesday 23 April 2014

Easter Egg Hunt Party

We had an extremely fruitful weekend. The privilege of joining a group of awesome fellow bloggers from M.O.B, for an Easter egg hunt party. When the minds of mummies are gathered together, we get only the good stuff for our little ones. Fun filled activities!

It was a very well planned event with storytelling, egg hunting and games! We had a huge turnout of about 30 children! I'm glad Js showed no resistance in blending with the crowd and activities. I guess their favourite segment would be the moment of egg hunting, where every egg has a pleasant surprise of edibles and non-edibles. And yes, they had some mini buffet on chocolates. Which also reminded me of those kinder surprise childhood days, where I got not only toy, but chocolate too! Growing up is sometimes about chocolates. 
Game time!

Love this siblings shot!

It spells FUN when parents and children are gathered for the execution and participation of a great party. My best moment was watching their expressions when they cracked open their surprises. Just get that camera ready!
Loving his little surprise!

Thankful for mummies who put ideas together to make this happen. We've met some nice people and adorable little people too! I'm convinced  to do an egg hunting event with the kids every year! You don't need great funds, extravagant locations or fancy delicacies. All you need is just an idea, pooled resources and kind volunteers!

You know it was crazy fun when Jazz said, "That was so fun, Mummy!"

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