Wednesday 21 January 2015

Hair clippies for the girl - DIY

The World seemed to move more slowly when you've idling time. This was the kinda of motion I had when we were in the states. The kids were in school, no appointments, no rushed schedules and everything was too perfectly paced. It was then, that I found time to sink into hobbies. I learned how to make beautiful hair clips with ribbons! Oh yes, I'm thankful for my little princess, Jazz. She was my inspiration to venture into this hobby.

And of course, beautiful things are to be shared. Here's my quick steps on how to make our own hair clips with ribbons. You'll need:
  • Alligator hair clips (4.5cm)
  • 3/4" grosgrain ribbon
  • hot glue gun
  • fire lighter or anti-fray glue

I cut the ribbon into 4 pieces:
1 x 11cm 
1 x 7cm
2 x 12cm

1. Use a lighter to anti-fray both ends of all the pieces. Alternatively, you may use an anti-fray glue.

2. Using the 11cm piece, squirt a little hot glue at the tip of the ribbon. wrap the clip from bottom up, squirting glue as you go and fold it inwards the pinch part of the clip. Contour around it to the top. Glue as you go along the top of the clip, then pinch open the clip to glue in the rest of the ribbon. Right picture below completes it.

3. Tie a knot in the center of the 7cm piece

4. Glue the 2 x 12cm to make circles.

5. Find the middle of the circle and glue it like an 8. As shown on bottom right picture. 

6. Make an X with the 2 pieces made from step 5. Glue them together.

7. Use the 7cm knotted piece to bind over the X. The knot should be in the center of the X. Trim any excess ribbon and glue the ends behind.

8. Glue the completed bow onto the clip. This is how it looks from behind.

9. And these complete the look

Takes some time but gives much satisfaction! The big question is probably where to get the materials. I'm pretty sure Spotlight will carry what we need. If not, you may get the clips and ribbons on etsy, Amazon or taobao. It's always a thorough hunt for beautiful ribbons. The hot glue gun can be purchased cheaply from our popular bookstore.

And here are 2 sets that I've made and would like to humbly giveaway to 2 readers. In hope they can be used as accessories for the upcoming CNY. Considering this is the work of an amateur, it may not be professionally done. It's the thought that counts eh? Tell me DIYs can be beautiful too! 

To participate:
1. Like Mum's calling on Facebook
2. Leave me a comment on this post, telling me which pair you would like to have, Blue or Pink. Do leave me your email address too.

Giveaway ends on 26 Jan (Mon), 2359hrs.

Simple steps! And of course, a big Thank you for participating a giveaway that's not even sponsored, but DIY-ed. Much appreciated!

And the final keepers are Khor Lee Ling and Angie.S! Thank you everyone for playing, much appreciated!


  1. Nice! I used to make lots of clippies too! Still have all the materials somewhere....hahaha.

    1. Thanks Lyn! I find it quite therapeutic to make. Bring out your materials soon!

  2. I'll love to win the blue pair for Dana! :)

  3. Great job! =D

  4. Thanks for this. I'm sure Lil Pumpkin will love the pink ones :)

  5. participated! i'd like to win the pink one. :)


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