Saturday 17 January 2015

Is groceries in bulk for you?

When we were in the states, one of my favourite place to hang out would be Costco (A place for the housewives). A huge store that wholesales a wide range of products from the perishable to non-perishable like appliances. You name it, they have it.

When I saw that the Warehouse club opened its doors not too long ago, I got extremely excited on how the Asian concept will be like. I could feel its layout and sales strategy similar to that of Costco. Co-heading the food department at home, groceries shopping is very much my responsibility. I'm glad to have finally made a trip down to the wild wild west for a visit. Or rather a visit that got me into signing up for its membership.

When you've huge and abundant space in the west, you've got space. Ample space. I love space when it comes to shopping with kids. The aisles were wide enough to reduce the possibility of overcrowding trolley and human traffic.

 photo 971fc50f-561c-4722-8c62-36728e5f33e7_zpsde7ef880.jpg
2 levels store

 photo 2d04d08f-b843-42ca-aa53-f7d95801343e_zpse8c62aa2.jpg
Love the space

It's a nice place to roam in there even if we had nothing in mind. For being wholesale, most stuffs are sold in bulk or in really huge packaging. It's not what a family would simply need, but what a village of people could share. I would share the buys with the spouses when we were in the states. More economical with no wastage. Especially fruits that perish really quick. 

 photo 8a5f7ad1-cea7-4952-b48c-433383d10b9c_zps128ba424.jpg
Bulk buy

And while in there, we went 'wah' and 'wow'. Out of the many, there was this shocking tub of sambal chilli ($19.90), 24 cans of coke ($12.80), Faceshop masks in packs of 15 ($22.45) and 2 huge bottles of Parmesan cheese ($19.95). Would you buy in such bulk?!! I'll be interested on your usage if you do. The sambal and cheese I mean. For me, maybe the coke. I love coke!

If you're a nut lover, this is for you! Variety of Kirkland nuts. A brand by Costco. It's imported, and so it might not be as cheap as getting a local brand. Depends on your taste preference though. My parents loved these nuts when they visited us in the states.

 photo 19a5a8a5-b44b-4bd0-968b-9653085ecb24_zpsc909c75e.jpg
Going nuts over them!

 photo edec1d27-9b47-4419-b31f-96f1cb63825f_zps2473cdbe.jpg
Crazily oversize!

 photo e5def560-99ed-4064-8f75-08c475b65b1b_zps8b77bf53.jpg
Favourite snacks!

The kids were excited to be carrying oversize food. They were just so gigantic! Though it may not be a good idea to stock these for personal consumption, it may be perfect for parties or goodie bags.

For Mums, here's what might excite you.

 photo 6b615dc4-1947-49a4-b81f-aa8972689a0a_zpsd3a1eade.jpg
Per tube of 113g

 photo f82f7027-7ed4-48ee-b932-5ade36a321e8_zps2d2799ae.jpg
Quite a few brands of milk powder, just that they don't carry Similac, which Js used to be on. They sell diapers in bulk too! 

Then on level 3 were more snacks with perishable products like meat, fruits and frozen food. Fruits were stored in the chiller room which was really brrr... cold! You won't be able to stay too long in there to choose the prettiest box of fruits. Grab and go! Then re-examine it out of the chiller.

Cheesecake factory lovers! This will be your section to stop by. I would love them, but having them here feels somehow different from having it fresh.

 photo a546766f-9fc0-4b86-9811-4673ce2badd3_zps75f50dcd.jpg
Cheesecakes from the cheesecake factory!

After roaming for about an hour in there, these were our buys! I've a village to feed indeed. Js are huge fans of strawberries and avocados, so we were certain about finishing them. And for that can of mushroom, I can only think of using it during Chinese New Year. Steamboat filled of button mushrooms!

 photo 6f83361b-2cf7-4e35-907d-9ecefa0cba0b_zps4ba38873.jpg
Bagged these off

 Here's the breakdown of our buy:
  • NZ avocado 1.65kg ($9.95)
  • Korean strawberries 4 punnets ($29.95)
  • US blackberries 340g ($8.45)
  • Imperial fish maw ($8)
  • Thai longan 3kg ($14.90)
  • Caprisun coolers 40 packs ($13.95)
  • Mushroom 2.84kg ($7.95)
Done your Maths? The only terrible buy we had was the longan, which was beyond fresh and good. It's true that basket up fruits can't be fully trusted. 

I would say make a trip down only if you're on the way, or intend to get certain things in bulk. Not all brands in our regular stores were sold here. There were many other unfamiliar brands in there, which I thought more snacks or food should be opened up for tasting. I find it 'risky' to be buying some untasted food, especially in bulk. In the states, there were quite a few sampling stations and Js love their go on every food trial.

Membership is at $50 per year for public or $35 per year for union members. Membership card must be presented upon checking out your items at the register. Though I think a lifetime membership would be more appealing. Which means, the savings must cover the membership fees plus more savings to make it worth. If only it wasn't this far from our home.

Parking is free for the first 90minutes.

1 Joo Koon Circle,
Levels 2 and 3, 
Singapore 629117

Opening hours:
10.00 AM - 9.00 PM (Mon - Fri)
09.00 AM - 9.30 PM (Sat and Sun)

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