Wednesday 28 January 2015

15 Family New Year resolutions we made!

While still in the month of January, I don't think we're late for our 2015 family resolutions. Even so, late better than never. Have you gotten them up somewhere too? I'm glad to have finally thought through and get this up. It seems more doable to have goals in print, just so we get serious and work towards it. Here are ours:

1. More outdoor play
While we play alot indoors, I do hope to bring the kids out for sun, sand, breeze and nature. Not scorching sun though. 

2. Safe yelling
Not yelling didn't work for me. Safe yelling simply means controlled anger with no nasty or spiteful words blurt out. More deep breaths!

3. More dinners with the Dad
The man usually eats home last because of his work schedule. I hope we can eat together more often.

4. More family games
We have quite a fair bit of board and card games home, while I usually celebrate my victory for being able to avoid yet another game, I think we should get serious about setting time for family games.

5. Help Jareth to read fluently
Jazz started reading fluently at 3 under my wings. She became my benchmark and I hope to get little brother embark fluently on it too. Yes, I know every child is different. It doesn't hurt making a resolution, I guess.

6. Make more trips to the library
Our book collection is spilling out of the shelves. We need to start borrowing instead of buying. Which brings me to the next point.

7. Save money
While Js are going to school soon, it means more financial outlay. I need to stop shopping, yes, I'm proclaiming it. Stop buying toys because their collection is crazy! Being prudent is a great virtue after all.

8. Let's delegate
With no maid home and aging kids, I'm determined to get them more hands on in household chores. Every member plays a part in housekeeping.

9. Get sufficient sleep
I'm glad they have quite a routine bed time, but there are still days I've to nudge them up in the morning. I aim for all mornings to be bright and chirpy with them rising on their own.

10. Not rush through bed times
While I'm very time focus when it comes to bedtime, I usually rush through it because we're overrunning it or because I desperately need my 'me time' soon. I guess, it doesn't hurt to read another book or say another prayer for them.

11. Lets build marriage
The best gift I can give my kids. Like any couple, we do have occasional disagreements. We shall make it a point to hold back and resolve peacefully with no quarrels before those little eyes. While I focus on being a good Mum, I do want to keep focus on being a good wife too.

12. Play, play and play
While it's Jazz final year of lullaby before she formally goes to a mainstream school, I hope she plays and make the best out of the year before she dons on the uniform for the many textbook years ahead.

13. Patience in homeschooling
Yes, they are going to school, but that doesn't mean I'm washing hands off academics. I'm no heroine when it comes to homeschooling. I lose my patience and get frustrated when my layman explanation doesn't get into them. While I am really anxious about them getting it right, I need to be more cool headed. As their learning gets more complex, I do hope my patience heightens too.

14. Do some good
While I think we are birthed fortunate, I hope we can constantly seek out opportunities to help the unfortunates as a family.

15. Each child is special
While we do have plans for family expansion, I do hope we make each child feel special before attention gets divided. I'm usually very family oriented about doing most things together as a family or to be fair, both children will have to be present. Oh well, I think we do need occasional private bonding for each child. 

 photo 86dbc6e8-e924-4d7e-802a-7505eeb7b27d_zpsonttstd0.jpg
You are specially different!

Now I wonder how many of these can be checked off before another new year arrives. Actions speaks louder than words after all. Laying them down definitely serve us a good reminder! Cheers to a great year ahead.


  1. Thanks for sharing your list of 15 resolutions. I am inspired and also going to pen a list of things that I want to do for this year and make the most of it.

    1. Hey Susan, glad you were inspired. I can't wait to read yours too!


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