Wednesday 15 July 2015

15 signs we're ready for P1!

And so we've been rather smooth with Jazz's primary school registration. There were just so much thoughts the moment we stepped out of her potential school. We knew things will be looking so different with this important milestone.

When I now take a step back and look at her, with that long hair laying over those slender shoulders, I knew she wasn't a baby or toddler anymore. Though I often live in denial by still calling her, baby.

Her poise, her actions and words have matured to a whole new level. Slowly and surely, she's growing to be the fine young lady I had imagined her to be. We gradually caught signs of our readiness for this formal education milestone:

1. We don't play too hard on Sundays anymore. We try to get home early on Sundays, retire early and get well rested for a refreshed start on Mondays. Good habit begins early.

2. When I raise my tone at her younger brother for some mess or tasks to be done, she intercepts swiftly to get it done for her brother. She's no longer just a bystander.

3. We realized there's so much more independent skills to learn. We started to train her on buying and paying for food and drinks, know her money sums, tell time and learn more diligently about toilet hygiene. There's so much more capabilities in her.

4. We found ourselves answering more questions with the answers, "Erm, I'm not sure." "No idea" "I don't know." She starts to challenge the intellect in us.

5. She initiates to teach and read to little brother whenever I ask for tutor replacement. Her patience  gets better than mine!

6. When we start praising her for some good acts, she doesn't smile beamingly at us anymore. Instead, she gives the 'isn't that what I'm suppose to do'  look. She better comprehends responsibility now.

7. She starts ransacking our drawers for evidence that the tooth fairy and Santa Claus were made up. She doesn't live in the world of bubbles anymore.

8. Keeping our fingers crossed, she loves the alarm clock. She doesn't snooze it.

9. We start to realize she's no more eating those small portion meals, but a bigger appetite now. I start to keep her weight in check. Eating right is a good habit from young.

10. We talk more about confidence, manners, empathy and kindness in a school setting. It's a bigger world out there.

11. We know too, she's ready to bid preschool farewell when she tunes in to Disney XD, instead of Disney Junior! Some days, she asks to watch my dramas too. Cartoons? A thing of her past.

12. When we brought her to see Barney live, she said, "It's too kiddy!" It's been some years Barney and her didn't keep in touch. Justin Bieber might be more exciting.

13. When I asked her dramatically if those dino figurines on the floor would bite.... she ignores me. "What!" Sometimes, I think I'm still talking to a 3 year old.

14. And seriously, did we have to stop visiting indoor playgrounds even though I've a 4 year old in tow? She's a little of an oversize for that. We look at play differently now.

15. And she's already asking if she can go back to preschool to visit her teachers. She must have discovered gratitude. 饮水思源 (when one drinks water, one must not forget where it comes from).

Always remember your root, no matter how high you soared

So, it's definitely of some research and a good age to start formal education tenderly at 7. I think we, the forward lookers, are almost mentally ready for the education journey ahead. Did she have to grow this fast?! Cuddle our cuddlies before they outgrow our arms. 

Did you spot such signs of school readiness too? Treasure the big and little moments in our family's everyday, before the schoolwork starts to consume our kids. In midst, don't forget about having fun together. A family that plays together, stays together!


  1. wow reading this I realise that Lil Pumpkin may be more prepared than I thought too. Thanks for pointing these out. Here's to a bright new journey for us and our girls!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ya Ai, our kids are always more prepared than we think. Cheers to a bright journey ahead!

  3. Awww, so nice to read about the sweet little things she does, some I must say are quite mature and thoughtful for her age!! :) love that line about cuddle our cuddlies, I sometimes wish time would stop so I could do that a little more. Haha. Oh well. Gotta look forward like you said! Now we are just waiting for our turn to register for P1! :)

    1. Hey Summer, I know right, the countless occasions we wished time would stop. Can't wait to hear about your princesses progress too!


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