Friday 3 July 2015

Frugal Friday #7 - Army Museum

It's SAF (Singapore Arm Forces) week! How about spending this weekend knowing more about the pride of our military forces?!! We marched into the Army Museum of Singapore (ARMS) to learn about the birth of our army, the making of a soldier, army operations and many others. 

The building set in the west, is a beautiful gem thoughtfully planned and designed to chronicle the experience of National Service. Its aesthetically pleasing building is also very much complemented by the serenity of a lake by the outside. 

The main entrance is interestingly designed on level 3, which brings visitors through the exhibits and exit at the lower level.

With my sleeping boy

Firstly, have some phototaking fun with 3D art.


Over sized on her

The galleries were arranged in a way that timeline us from the past to the current soldier days. We walk through the three generations of army exhibits. Though from a different era, they are connected by the common purpose in defending Singapore. I thought it wasn't too early to pr-empt Jare that he needs to serve the nation in due time too.

Into the orientation gallery, there was a simple mock up of the bus riot situation in 1955. Js were so amused by the overturned and over sized bus.

Mock up of a flipped bus

We went on to view how the bunk looked like in the past. Jare was convinced that he needed to sleep on his own and that he needs to be really neat and clean in order not to push the floor (We meant push ups). Seriously, I can't wait to see the difference army will make on him.

Yes, sir!

We then descended down to the level 2 galleries, where you should not miss the highlight of 2 short movies scheduled. The first show featuring "Life in an Army" made me a little emotional just by thinking that my son will grow to be a man some day, and that the army needs him. If you were an army boy of the past, can you recall who you called when you had only that short moment to make one phone call? I asked my son, and for now, he gave me the assurance that he would call me. I'm marking his words here. Ha. Once a Mother, always a Mother.

The second show, which is about 10 minutes later, was much more impressive. It showcased how well trained our troop was on the battle field. There were gun firing, helicopters, chasing enemies on sea and the war stuff which our men will know. I could only identify a fierce battle. The movie was well complemented with thundering sounds, lighting and motion (wind and smoke) effects. Really impressive! It can be rather loud, so visitors with infants might want to avoid. Admire too, the brilliant set up in the Object Theatre. Spot the retired tank, artillery and helicopter!

On the same level, just outside Object Theatre, you may want to get your hands on firing with the IMT (Individual Marksmanship Trainer) shooting gallery. Great way to showcase your marksmanship. Js were too little, so we skipped that.

Don't miss too, the short movie that will be played repeatedly at, Our People gallery. A lovely and emotional clip directed by Royston Tan, about a Dad and son going through the army at a different era. Albeit with many questions, Js enjoyed the clip very much.

We also curiously investigated this wall. There were 2, one at the orientation gallery, level 3 and the other at the Atrium, Level 2. It's not made up of tiles, cement, wall paper or textured paint. They're really interesting.... 

Short clip

It's creatively made of metal sheet melted from army's SM1 tanks. The term recycle is greatly exemplified. Great memorial too!

With the many takeaways, I thought we were done with the museum. But not, till we spotted the mini obstacle course and military hardware exhibit outdoor.

Under our command, Js were sent in for a good time of physical training with Daddy. The obstacle training course was built to a good size and height for young children. We had Jare to go on it before he encounters the real stuff. A good teaser of what our soldiers are going through.

Looking real easy for now

Oh, we didn't enlist Jazz into the army. She was giving Jare her moral support. It takes a family to support the enlistment of an army boy, you know. She's definitely gonna sign on extra for smiling too widely over training.

We then ended our journey with a stroll through the display of army vehicles. Walk fast if you don't want the mozzies to bite.

It was near sunset that we stayed on till, and sunset is one of the best natural light for pictures. Its outdoor was really great for photography. Seize the golden moment!

It was with greater knowledge about the army after we booking out from the museum. A great place too for Mothers, wives and girlfriends to know more about the army lingo in our man. 

And if you're visiting the Army museum, you should swing over the the Singapore Discovery Centre just next door. We'll be sharing that next Friday!

Have a fun frugal weekend!

Army Museum of Singapore
Address: 520 Upper Jurong Road S638367
Opening hours: 10am to 6pm daily (Except Mondays)

Free admissions for all Singaporeans and PR. Free parking too at Singapore Discovery Centre.

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