Friday 10 July 2015

Frugal Friday #8 - Singapore Discovery Cente

Right after a visit to the Army museum last week, we swung over to the Singapore Discovery Centre. Just next to it. 

As the name spells for itself, it is a place to discover the journey of Singapore, its past, future, dreams and challenges, as well as your identity and calling as a Singaporean. A beautifully embellished and well designed place that introduces our nation, providing much for Singaporeans to think about and help us prepare for future challenges. 

We entered and was cosily welcomed into the So Singapore Theatre. We watched a short video on how the Merlion sang and rapped about Singapore and what it meant to be Singaporean, the common experiences we shared and the many things we took for granted as Singaporeans. We had a good laugh over this rather amusing clip, and yes, we do have some really funny things that make us so Singaporean.

Interestingly, I also realized we didn't really talk or introduce the Merlion as our icon to the kids. It was a good moment too, to introduce this hybrid creature to them.

A journey of discovery begins...

Fireworks galore!

There were 2 levels. The upper level was more on displays with some being interactive, while the lower level was interactive with the call to participate in motion, games and quizzes.

Puzzle solving

I felt extremely refreshed and reminded of my identity as a Singaporean as I walked through the exhibits. One particular exhibit struck a chord in me.

I like this hard truth that stated, no one owes us a living. In midst of challenges, Singapore sourced for ways to self survive after becoming independent. On the individual level, we are so often pampered that a new change or slight discomfort irks us much. We often think our government, authorities and environment have a big part to play in our well-being. In reality, we forgot to work hard and smart to stay afloat and ahead. Our future is much in our own hands, not others.

That being said, we are very blessed to be birthed in a beautiful city, we call home. I do hope Js will grow to be diligent sowers of their own lives.

On the upper level, we  had a go with the On-location reporter. We chose a story we wanted to report, read it off screen, tried as much as possible to position ourselves for the camera and reported off like a trained professional. It was all so fun, until... the playback didn't work on us. Boo! We couldn't review our professionalism. It was a fun and unusual experience though.

On location reporting

We proceeded down, where Jazz had a go on the digital dance studio where she tried out the different dances of the various races in Singapore. A great way to understand and appreciate more about the beauty of each other’s cultures through dance.

Little dancer

We explored the different galleries and had multiple go on the quizzes and games. Most of which are not to Js understanding, so we gave the answers and they answered on behalf.

We sat through a game show at Harmony Circle, with questions on Singapore culture. It was a fun way to find out how much we know about our country and her diverse spread of cultures. Get surprised by the things that you didn't know!

And so they introduced Ah Du being a construction worker before turning magically into a singer. 

Recognise the man on screen? The singer ah du!

Another quizzing moment on the Enterprise Quest, where you'll find the necessary traits of an entrepreneur! Do you have what it takes to be a boss?!!

Budding entrepreneurs!

We spent about an hour and a half in this very well kept and spacious place. However, the discovery journey might be more appropriate for older kids in primary school. Grown ups find it a good place too!

Do remember to pair this visit with the Army museum since its just a short distance away. Bring along too, a cardigan as the discovery journey is rather cold.

If you have time before or after, you can also catch a movie in there. It doesn't screen as may titles and timings as the cinemas, but a good selection like Minions and Jurassic World is now showing. Comes with additional fees of course. My man thinks this is Singapore's best kept secret, but I think many would have know of its 344-seater world class theatre. Fret not if your usual cinema tickets are sold out, check out the Singapore Discovery Centre for show schedules. Slighty cheaper too! 2D movies at $7 and 3D movies at $9. Singapore stories short films are free for all Singaporeans and PR.

Outside the theatre

Have fun exploring the Singapore Discovery Centre. It's endless exploration in there! If weather feels great, you may hop on the pedal boat ride at the outdoor lake. It's $2 for 15 minutes. Quite a frugal amount too.

Have a fun frugal weekend ahead!

Singapore Discovery Centre
Address: 510 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638365
Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
FREE admission for Singaporeans and PRs. 

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