Monday 9 November 2015

Bintan Lagoon Resort - Exploring with kids

Our resort adventure begins the next 2 days upon arrival. Land sports and water activities did not quite define our character, plus we had young and old folks in tow, it seemed better to stay tame. We had planned for some beach and water play instead. That's how boring we are, I guess.

We explored the resort on a Monday and Tuesday. It was bare empty with few humans doing any activities. Sounds very much to our advantage, but it really feels like some drowning business in there.

We discovered 2 pool areas, at different parts of the resort. One seemed more for adults and the other with shallow pool and slides for kids. We went for the latter of course. Towels were also readily available by the pool. Complimentary.

So you know, you get excited and hipped kids when you tell them they are going for a dip in the pool.

J poppers!

Breathtaking view of the adults pool

Enjoying my shade

Slide play

There were 2 winding slides to get on for play, but were unable to whoosh down smoothly without any self help, we had to push ourselves down during mid way. The kids enjoyed their water and slide play nonetheless. Just be cautious that one of the slides ends in the deeper pool.

After water play, we paid for the kids to get their hands on some batik painting. Which Jazz thinks is the highlight of her trip. Batik painting with frame was about $16. It takes some time for it to dry and frame, so we collected them the next day.

Batik painting

Masterpieces collected and framed

The kids friendly activities in the resort were mainly the swim pool, beach for sand play and kids club where you can pay hourly to have your kids play in an enclosed area with toys and activities. I think there will be a child sitter to care for the kids, while parents can take some time out.

Everything in the resort has to be purchased and paid for if you would like to engage or use it. Some other activities were Karaoke, board games, table soccer, outdoor gym, games room and quite a few others which we didn't interest us much.

All transactions in and out of the resort are in rupiah. 

Kids' club

You may also feed the kois! Purchase a pack of fish food ($4) to feed the kois in the pond, just outside the hotel's lobby.

Many many kois!

Exploring the beach is a must. The blue waters beneath and clear sky above made up a really scenic view. No haze. Quite a gem sight, I thought. Even though nearby, we don't get such a true blue nature in Singapore.

We brought along beach toys for play. However, it gets crazily hot in the late morning. Do prepare loads of sunscreen, caps, sunglasses and water. There are a couple of deck chairs with large umbrellas, but good shade is a contradicting find on any beach. We finally found a coconut tree to shelter the kids for sand play.

Brought along our beach toys

For the folks who doesn't quite like the sun and heat, you'll be thankful to be sipping drinks in the restaurant by the beach, while watching your kids play. Outdoor and indoor seating available. Drinks bar opens in the morning, but lunch begins at 11:30pm. Oh, do note, Bintan is an hour behind us. The Rice restaurant serves a good mix of food, Chinese, Western and Indonesian cuisine.

Rice restaurant

Fire crackers?!! Looks fun. If we saw this in the night, we might try.

We needed an early lunch on our final check out day, so we hopped over to another restaurant at the Golf area. Forgot its name, but many restaurants were not open for lunch near its main lobby. Do get staff to call check for you, before bugging over.

We settled here with an almost similar menu as Rice, a mix of cuisine. We ordered their Indonesian cusine, Gado gado and Nasi Goreng. They were good for eat, but not anyway near yummylicious.

Gado - $12, Nasi Goreng - $18.50

On the day of check out, all you had needed to do, was to stay in your room at the time the resort advised. Their friendly staff will come for the baggage to assist check in, at the ferry terminal. After which he will come for his guests, to send them over on his buggy. He does the room check out too, if there are no outstanding payments. All easy and convenient.

Needless to say, we had tremendous fun with our personal buggy! The thing we will miss about our stay.  

Buggy ride

It was a rejuvenating get away from the usual mundane tasks. Anywhere, anytime and quality time with the people we love is always a good breather from life's busy days.

Up in the next final post will be our venture out of the resort.

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  1. Great complex for kids! For adults I recommend to visit in Austria. It is a great hotel with a lot of beauties.

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