Wednesday 11 November 2015

Meet our new alarm clock soon!

And so... we will bring you into a little secret of ours, or rather not so secret. 

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes family - the daughter and the son, and then love continues to be fruitful and multiply...

No caption needed

We are 16 weeks! We are expanding by another 2 little feet, we have promotions and shift in ranks within the family. Jare will have a little minion and Jazz will have 2 little minions to boss. Yes, we are excited to be welcoming the smell of another baby after this long. It was planned, it was wanted and we had really wanted just one more.

We know the pink or blue too! It was most natural that the girl wants a little sister and the boy wants a little brother. I'm not kidding you, but I really prayed, almost earnestly for a pair.... of twins! fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. Oh well, this doesn't run in our hereditary history and I guess, God didn't want to give us what we couldn't handle. ONE is perfect.

The gender reveal began with the kids bugging to bake some cupcakes together....

Baking cupcakes

I took the opportunity to hide something under my sleeves....

Dessert with agenda

 I sneaked coloured cream into their cupcakes. Told the kids that their cupcake has got a colour inside. If it's blue, it's a little brother, if pink, a little sister.

It's Blue!

A little of bad photography and lighting. But you got it, it's BLUE!

And so was Jazz disappointed? A little she said, but she went on to proclaim that boys are cute. She rattled on, "Actually Jareth is cute, I asked him to draw a heart, he drew me a peach. I asked him to draw a machine, he drew a shoe and I asked him to draw an apple, he drew a heart. He's funny!"

And for Jare, he was almost expressionless. He checked out his cupcake and went, "Why is there blue? What is your colour, jie jie?" I almost fainted. Did he think it could be different?!!!  

As for us, the parents, all we can ask for is another one healthy little boy. I'm thankful that he will complete us. Three has always been on my mind. Just three. FULL STOP. Though I've to admit, I've been so comfortable with Two. The thought of gloriously graduating from parenting babyhood and toddlerhood was just so complete. Now that pregnancy comes again, we will welcome it with tremendous joy.

Some decisions needed to be made early just to deter the word 'regret' from creeping in later. It will be sad looking back at something you could have done, but did not. It just bothers me a little when older folks I meet, often tell me to have more children. It must be some golden advice I can't relate to or have the experience as of  yet.

My friends who are trying to conceive, trust me, you've been constantly in my prayers. May there be joy and celebration in due season. Keep trusting and praying.

Behind the scene

Pictures of behind the scenes when we tried taking the 'pregnancy announcement' photo. Now we know why that boy has been beaming so widely.

I am so thankful too, for friends who have been really patient and understanding with me, I'm ready to venture out more often now. I've taken victory over morning sickness, no more scrambling for plastic bags or running to the toilet bowl. I'm looking and feeling more like a human now. The past weeks took a toil on me. It felt almost like Js were malnutrition and left to care for themselves, while I juggled between morning sickness, decent meals and motherly duties. 

Glad I'm back, almost in full function. Thankful too, for my Man who stood between the gaps of my lapse. You ate whatever I could present on the table during this period of time, regardless the taste or texture. 

Anticipating our brand new alarm clock next April! 


  1. Congratulations Karen! What great news! Wow and you were hoping for twins! Hahaha steady la! Boy is good boy is good :) make Jie Jie the only princess in the household.

    1. Thanks May! Yes, was really praying for a pair. Haha. And I think the princess will soon claim she's the queen.

  2. Congrats, babe!!! Three will be a lot of fun :)

    1. Thanks Debra! Still, I will tell you, No.4 for you. Haha.


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