Tuesday 24 November 2015

The Enormous Turnip - Review

We had a wonderful weekend catching The Enormous Turnip play, presented by itheatre. A 50 minutes fast paced show that is bound to keep our kids well entertained in their seats. It's interactive with fun and memorable songs, as well as a clear moral message for everyone. 

Where did the Enormous Turnip come from? Who is strong to pull it out of the ground? And what will they do with it? With much good leaning points, we had our answers all solved in this wonderful play.

Photo credit: i theatre

It was shared through the play that horse's poo is a good fertilizer for plants and that we need to make good efforts to keep our plants away from pests like the caterpillar. There's some hard work involved in success. Little Eek, the mouse was tasked to help care for the plants, but something nasty happened beyond his control. That incident shed him of his roles and duties going forward. What will he do from then on?

Eek's dream is to be noticed, but he is SO small. What good use can he be in the vegetables garden? It was only till the very last scene, the farmer saw his contribution and appreciated him. We saw too, the power of teamwork.

Photo credit: i theatre

Js take away from the play was that no role or character is too small to look down on.

The show cleverly displays its brand of professional actors, unforgettable songs, mask and puppetry with wonderful stage props and magic! Yes, check out how those vegetables and turnip grow. It certainly did amuse Js. The show was all interactive too. Little volunteers were needed to help tug and pull the enormous turnip out.

The young audience was stirred with cheers and was extremely responsive to the show. Just how wonderful these little children are. One thing for sure, everyone enjoyed the play! So did I.

Wonderful casts of the play

It's definitely one good play to catch this holiday period. Don't forget your meet and greet session after the play!

Get your tickets now!
The Enormous Turnip (Most suitable for ages 3 to 12)
17 November to 06 December 2015
Sat and Sun: 11am, 2.30pm
Wed to Fri (25 Nov 2015 till 27 Nov 2015): 10.30am
Tue to Fri (1 Dec 2015 till 4 Dec 2015): 11am
Ticket price: $32 (Excludes booking fee) 

Disclaimer: Tickets were given to us for the purpose of this review. All photos and comments are solely ours. 

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