Wednesday 23 November 2016

Pezzo's Christmas Menu

Spread festive joy with Pezzo's new Christmas menu. We tried it, and we know it's love!

Pezzo Pizza has specially created a series of unique mouth-watering dishes worthy of the Yuletide feast - Carbonara and Flamethrower Pizza. These creations by their very own chefs will set you and your guests' hearts aglow.

Flamethrower is topped with a potpourri of tender spiced chicken, roasted onion, fresh chilli and mozzarella all immersed in Pezzo's special curry sauce. A must try if you are a lover of spicy food.

Carbonara is a perfect option for those who can't take spicy. An enticing medley of roasted turkey bacon and ham, oregano chicken chunks, mushroom and mozzarella, all pulled together by creamy carbonara sauce. I love how it is tastefully sprinkled off with dried cranberries. Oh so Christmasy! Definitely a lovely choice for kids.

 photo 877b6897-de9f-45bf-b17f-0afd07241f46_zpsh4wcfmvi.jpg

I've got a low tolerance for spicy food, but I've to say I love the Flamethrower! Looks like we've got a food choice ready for Christmas. And delivery is all made easy with Foodpanda.

Pezzo is located in prominent shopping malls around the Island. The newest outlet is nestled in Compass One, and it shares the space with two other eateries, Stuff'd and CRAVE. This is an interesting 3-in-1 concept that brings us on an around-the-world gourmet experience. Yes, with a sit in option too.

 photo 40c30d4d-f8c0-4ab7-a84b-569e7408e579_zps9skrjunb.jpg

Since pizzas are sold by slices at Pezzo, you will love the option of choosing up to 6 flavours in one pan. Love how you can get a taste of everything without having to buy the single flavour of one whole mega pizza.

This boy of ours loves pairing his carbarona with chicken drumlets. Drumlets are a tad spicy, but he loves the kick of it. They kinda make us crave for more!

 photo e1086f38-6bc4-4273-b471-975806392a8e_zpszljvk7vi.jpg

The Christmas flavours, Flamethrower and Caborona are available from 01 December onwards, at $4.90 per slice. It's a huge decent size and best eaten when warm.

How about an idea on what to lunch this Friday, 25th Nov? A slice of Pezzo! In celebration of their 4th anniversary, all pizzas are going at $4 per slice. So don't forget to jio your lunch buddies for this awesome lunch deal.

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Disclaimer: We were invited to a tasting and Christmas party with Pezzo. No monetary compensation involved. All opinions are photos are solely ours. 

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